Video: Shark attacks Emirati diver off Khor Fakkan coast

Video: Shark attacks Emirati diver off Khor Fakkan coast
Al Balochi was immediately rushed to the hospital after the attack

Khor Fakkan - "If his friend hadn't been around, my brother might have died"

Published: Sat 13 May 2017, 8:47 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 May 2017, 6:59 PM

An Emirati man suffered serious injuries after a shark attacked him while he was diving off the Khorfakkan coast on Friday morning.
Ali Mohamed Al Balochi, whose legs were mauled in the attack, is critical, and is being treated at a speciality hospital in Abu Dhabi, said his brother Hassan Mohamed Al Balochi. "If his friend had not dragged him to shore, he would have bled to death. My brother received gruesome injuries in his right leg, and was moved to Khorfakkan hospital. He was later rushed to Abu Dhabi for further treatment."
When the shark first attacked, Ali fired his harpoon at it, but the creature came back at him, lured by the blood from his gaping wound. "Hearing Ali's cries, his friend, who was in the water fired twice to kill the animal."
"Hopefully, Ali will make it. Unfortunately, he is diabetic, but appears in good spirits," said the victim's brother Hasan.

A video of Ali moments before the attack

The carcass of the shark was later found floating in the sea off Khorfakkan and was brought to shore. This is the second shark attack in five months in the area.
Earlier in January last year, a shark, known as 'Wolf Shark', attacked an Emirati captain along with some Asian fishermen.

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