Studentspeak: Are extra classes helpful?

Students from schools across the UAE discuss the pros and cons of extra classes.

Hannan Abulkalam

The Royal Academy Private School, Ajman

Extra classes are helpful for students who can attend them. I don’t really know about other schools but in my school one can take extra classes for free. No need to pay any additional amount or fees for such classes. So it’s like an opportunity for students to learn more at school at no extra cost. It helps students increase their knowledge and that too for free. Usually there are more examples and problems solved in such classes as compared to the normal class hours at school.

Vishnu Venugopal

Our Own English High School, Fujairah

Yes, there are advantages of extra classes at schools because every classroom has one or more students who need “extra attention.” I found extra classes effective in manageable doses. First of all, they are offered free of charge and in my opinion by availing themselves of these classes, kids can help their parents save money.

Nazmi Inaas Irshad

Indian High School, Dubai

Each student is different; they have their own thinking capacities and a different way of interpreting information. Some students understand the concepts at one go but some don’t. They may not even approach for help, thinking what their fellow classmates will think about them. In extra classes, teachers understand the student’s need and even the students open up and freely consult the teacher for help.

Bilal Ahmad Khan

Our Own English High School, Sharjah

It is a very novel idea by schools to begin extra classes from high school. These classes help us in refreshing our knowledge, especially in the preparation days before exams. I’m thankful to my school and teachers for organising such classes as I found them really helpful and my grades have improved after attending them.

Kalyani Ajith

Indian High School , Dubai

Every school conducts extra classes for students with different capabilities. There are extra classes for weak students to give them more practice and attention in these extra classes. For the bright students, extra classes are a method to enrich their skills and talent. In short, extra classes are useful to students if conducted and managed wisely.

Smeet Shah

Our Own English High School, Sharjah

In my view, if extra classes are offered a couple of months before the annual exam, they can help students excel. They would help brush up and give more clarity on certain concepts to students just before the exams. This way they can remember concepts better and reduce their stress levels. So although they may be a bit time consuming but can prove helpful to students.

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