You're not a Dubai expat if you haven't done these 10 things

Youre not a Dubai expat if you havent done these 10 things

Supercars no longer make your head turn, and you call everyone 'my friend'.

By Keith Pereña

Published: Tue 8 Nov 2016, 6:18 PM

Living in Dubai is an exciting experience. In a city that is both steeped in luxury and culture depending on which part of town you're at, the city offers a wide range of experiences for expats. But what are the things one should do to be considered a full-fledged Dubai expat? We find out.

1. Shocked to work on Sundays

Because why? In virtually any country Sunday is the day off and here you are in the office! Yet you calmly collect yourself and realize that going out on Thursday is the best feeling ever.

2. Go on a shopping spree

The malls! The stores! The food! All the interesting sales and discounts and unrealistic proportions of fries - EVERYWHERE

3. Eat Indomie Fried Noodles

Indomie is BEST, in fact underrated cheap thrill of Dubai. It's sweet, it's spicy and it's extremely cheap.

4. Cry at the Dubai Fountain show

The Dubai Fountain, for reasons unknown, can tug on the heartstrings of anybody who's seeing it for the first time. And don't even deny that the show moved you!

5. See supercars at every corner, and you are not surprised

Dubai teaches you that a Porsche is as common as a Toyota here.

6. Speak these Arabic words

Yalla, khallas, habibi have become part of your dictionary.

7. You're happy if it rains

When it rains, you welcome it rather than run for cover.

8. Call almost everyone 'my friend'

Best conversation ice-breaker - ever, followed by 'how are you?'

9. Take the cab for a 100-metre walk during summer

Hey, paying Dhs12 is better than experiencing temperatures of 50 plus degrees.

10. Converted the dirhams you spent to your local currency

In your head, you begin evaluating how much you're really spending and get shocked by it, until you no longer convert.

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