Video: Are Dubai Mall sleeping pods comfy? KT finds out

Video: Are Dubai Mall sleeping pods comfy? KT finds out

Dubai - We catch some zzz's inside one.

By Keith Pereña

Published: Thu 15 Mar 2018, 7:13 PM

Last updated: Fri 16 Mar 2018, 9:37 PM

 Going around Dubai Mall can tire you out. Being the world's largest mall - a lot of walking has to be done if you want to explore its entirety - every nook and corner of the 'shopping paradise'. And with a lot of walking involved, you'll soon find yourself exhausted and looking for some rest: enter sleeping pods. 
The Dubai Mall now has a sleeping pod lounge where shoppers can take a break and unwind after a day of shopping or just going around the sprawling place. 
The lounge, which is located in the Lower Ground level near the parking area, serves shoppers by offering them a comfortable resting place on an hourly rate. To find out if it's worth trying, Khaleej Times gives you a closer look at one. We answer some questions regarding the new feature as well as bring you a first-person account of what it's like inside a sleeping pod.

Where is it?

It's in the Lower Ground level of Dubai Mall near the Grand Parking area. From the Metro, make your way to the mall, head left then make a quick right. Take the lift all the way to the lower ground parking lot. Upon exiting the lift, you will be greeted by the sleeping pod lounge on your left.

How much is it?

Below are the prices

For a one-hour power nap, you'll have to pay Dh40. Two hours cost Dh75 and three hours come at a price of Dh95. Hourly extensions cost Dh20. The bed comes with a single pillow, but you can rent another one for only Dh5. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

What's inside the pod?

The sleeping pod has various features. Apart from the bed, it has a compartment where you can stuff your bags in. It also has two buttons that control the height of the bed, which you can adjust to your liking. The pod also has a power socket and two USB sockets so you can charge your gadgets while you recharge yourself.

Can you really sleep inside one?

The short answer is 'Yes'. They might look unassuming and a bit cramped at first but as soon as the canopy closes, it's a very relaxing experience. It's akin to a plush airplane seat that you can lower all the way. The location helps in providing a degree of quiet inside the pod. The sleeping pod is also spacious enough and can even fit tall or bulky persons. If you're exhausted after a day of going around the mall, you may want to consider getting some 'shut eye' in one of these. Happy zzz!

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