Dubai ensures beauty meets safety in salons

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Dubai ensures beauty meets safety in salons

Mandatory training for beauty centre staff affirms security standards.


Sherouk Zakaria

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Published: Fri 31 Aug 2018, 11:01 PM

Last updated: Sat 1 Sep 2018, 8:32 PM

Salons in Dubai have changed for the better in the last few years, thanks to the training sessions offered by the Dubai Municipality.
Now, it's mandatory for all salon staff in Dubai to undergo a basic health and safety training annually and health supervisors in charge of each salon to have advanced training every five years.
Over 9,000 staff have graduated the training offered by the Dubai Municipality, which has helped boost safety and hygiene practices in men's salons and women's beauty centres in the emirate.
Dr Naseem Mohammed, senior manager at the health and safety department of the Dubai Municipality, told Khaleej Times that the trained employees will be responsible for assessing health and safety risks in the salons and beauty centres, developing corrective measures and updating work plans to prevent risks.
As part of the training, employees are taught to supervise cleaning and sterilisation, deal with disposable tools, improve practices and all other matters related to the health and safety of customers and employees.
The department has completed basic training for 9,555 salon employees across Dubai from December 2017 until the end of July 2018. A total of 76 trainers with specialised scientific competencies, health and safety expertise and speaking skills in a variety of languages were in charge to fit the cultural diversity in the work environment.
The trainers were from 32 training companies approved by the municipality. In addition, 460 employees were qualified as health supervisors after getting advanced training and passing the tests conducted by two certification bodies for this purpose.
So far, the initiative succeeded to raise the level of commitment of public health premises to safety and public health regulations and legislations from 91.34 per cent in the end of 2017 to 93.58 per cent in second quarter of 2018.
Mohammed said health supervisors will always be available to oversee the internal system of the salons and the work procedures as per the requirements stipulated by the civic body. They are set to follow-up everything related to the provision of healthy and safe services to the customers.
"Staffers are due to evaluate the hygiene status of the salon and the safety of its employees according to the checklist prepared for this purpose," she said. The department carries out consistent inspections to ensure that salons follow health and safety rules.
After the training, employees are expected to follow up the inspection reports issued by the municipality to ensure that all the violations mentioned are rectified to enhance the level of classification of men's salons and women's beauty centres.
The key is to improve them in all aspects to receive customers from all communities in Dubai, visitors and participants in the global flagship event Expo 2020," said Mohammed.
The initiative is part of strategic objective to ensure safety and public health, which falls within the strategic plan of the Dubai Municipality 2016-2021 by raising awareness and enhancing the knowledge of salon and beauty centre employees.
"Providing services to customers in a healthy and safe manner will ensure safety of community members, customers and salons alike, as well as reduces the spread of infectious diseases," said Mohammed.
She noted that the health and safety department approved the basic training initiative and the training of the health supervisors under an integrated training programme is required for all employees.
The programme was carried out based on the outputs of the annual forum held in November 2016. "The health control section in the department prepared the programme in January 2017 in response to the request of the salons and beauty centres to qualify their employees and provide them with certificates in training on health and safety requirements," she said.

Dubai beauty centres happy about the training
Hany Ibrahim from The Edge salon at Wafi Mall, said training helped elevate the performance of salon staff. He said sterilising and using clean tools to serve customers has been his work focus. The municipality's training helps staff avoid wrong practices, and therefore, increases credibility in front of customers.
"Such trainings and skill development help in elevating our value in the market and increases our customer base," said Ibrahim.
He noted that the government's regular inspections and deep concern on ensuring safety through different initiatives create a culture of safety among customers and enhance businesses. "When people know that we are under tight supervision and that training our staff is a requirement, they naturally feel more safe when they visit salons in Dubai.
"Most importantly, they know that we cannot use fake or unregistered products because customers have the right to complain, which can put us ahead of hefty fines and serious action," he added.
A staff member at Pavan Ladies Salon in Dubai, who spoke under anonymity, said the training helped staff avoid unintentional mistakes that may lead to fines.
"Training helps members who are new to the beauty and fashion field avoid committing wrong practices out of ignorance."
The staff member added that the salon itself trains employees every few months.
"Consistent training helps staff identify the best products in the market and implement good practices," she said.
Having the training every year makes salon staffers updated with the latest tools and hygiene technologies. "Since it's offered by the government, the training also helps us as staffers to be on the same line with the authorities' aim and vision."

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