7 funny questions Dubai tourists ask all the time

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7 funny questions Dubai tourists ask all the time

For the last time, Dubai has no capital, okay?

By Keith Pereña

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Published: Thu 19 Jan 2017, 12:07 PM

Last updated: Fri 20 Jan 2017, 10:29 PM

Most tourists come to the emirate armed with only a vague knowledge of what it is apart from the Burj Khalifa. While they may be forgiven for only seeing a postcard image of Dubai, they often ask questions that are just downright baffling. Here are some of the questions we might have heard time and again from tourists.

Is everyone really rich around here?

This can be forgiven. After all, tourists get to see the luxurious image of Dubai right off the bat. But that's not the complete picture. Majority of residents don't have an extravagant lifestyle. They lead a simple life and try to save a part of their salary at the end of the month. But yes, if you are in the mood to splurge, there are millions of avenues.
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Why do you have to walk 1km from the Metro station to Dubai Mall?

It's not really walking per se when you have travelators. The mall has its own dedicated metro station, and the walkway is the safest and fastest way for patrons to visit the mall. It's better than having hundreds of taxis parked at the station to ferry people to the mall.

Why does everything happen in the malls?

Try taking some trips out to the desert. If you have some friends here who drive 4x4s, ask them to take you out for a ride so you won't need to spend too much on desert safaris. The other benefit of this is that you'll get an authentic experience of how expats do camping here in Dubai.

What is Dubai like in the summer?

Dubai summers can be harsh, especially for tourists or residents who have just arrived. The first summer is the worst. But you will get used to it. Most of the time is spend indoors. In the evenings people visit beaches and malls. Summer is also the most popular time to visit cooler climes in Europe.

Why isn't everyone tanned?

Despite it being sunny in Dubai, we'd rather stay close to our air-conditioned rooms than bake in 50 degrees Celsius.

What's Dubai's capital?

One of the most strangest (and common!) questions tourists ask. The misconception comes from people knowing about Dubai, but NOT knowing about the UAE.

Do you really need all these skyscrapers?

Imagine a large patch of sand and sea, and nothing else. Then start building. With the right kind of leadership and imagination, what you get is a world-class city, which is what Dubai is. Dubai has skyscrapers, we agree. But there are also larges patches of green, amusement parks, an opera, museums, old-fashioned markets and state-of-the-art buildings that use the latest technology available.
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