Money doubling gang arrested in Sharjah with fake $20m bills

The three-member gang used the counterfeit dollars to convince people that they can double the money and collected genuine cash from many of their victims.

By Afkar Abdullah/principal Correspondent

Published: Mon 20 Apr 2015, 7:07 PM

Last updated: Fri 10 Jul 2015, 6:45 PM

Sharjah – The Sharjah Police on Monday arrested a gang of three Africans with possession of counterfeit bills of $20 million.

Col. Ibrahim All Ajill, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police, said that the gang used the fake dollars to convince people that they could double the money and make them rich.

Many people fallen to their plan, but some informed the police about the illegal activities being carried out in an apartment in Al Nahda area in Sharjah.

The police formed a team of CID officers who managed to confirm the information and identify the suspects and their residence.

The police raided the apartment and arrested the suspects red-handed with possession of the counterfeit dollar bills and genuine cash of various currencies such as Dirhams, euros and sterling pounds. The police found out that two of the suspects entered the county on visit visa, while the third one hold valid residency visa from a commercial shop.

The suspects initially denied that the counterfeit money belonged to them and claimed that it belonged to someone else. However, later they confessed that they managed to convince many victims that they can double the money and make them wealthy. Based on their confession, the police referred them to public prosecution.

Col. Al Ajill said that during the interrogation, the police found out that many businessmen had approached the suspects and were ready to hand over their genuine cash to get it doubled in order to make more money. The gang was planning to get as much as genuine cash and flee the country.

Brigadier Saif Al Zari, Chief of the Sharjah Police, urged various police departments to intensify efforts to curb crimes that affect safety and security of the society.

He urged the public to cooperate with the police by informing about any illegal activities to ensure security in the emirate.

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