'All my children are ready to sacrifice themselves'

All my children are ready to sacrifice themselves
Ahmed Abdurrahman Ahmed Al Tunaiji with his daughter Amira and son Abdurrahman

Ras Al Khaimah - Al Tunaiji, father of one of the diplomats martyred in Afghanistan, is proud of his son.

Published: Sun 15 Jan 2017, 10:20 PM

Abdurrahman Al Tunaiji, father of the martyr, said he is so proud of his son who sacrificed his soul and blood for his nation which deserves all kinds of sacrifice. "All my children are ready to sacrifice themselves for the country defending its security and stability."

Such coward crimes shall never deter the sincere work for the nation to pay part of the debt to the beloved country, he added. "It is also our duty to support peace, security and stability in the entire world under the umbrella of our prudent leadership."

Rashid Al Tunaiji, brother of the UAE martyr, said his brother never missed the Fajr prayers in the mosque.

Mohammed Al Tunaiji, another brother, said he used to share the accommodation with his brother in Abu Dhabi. "The UAE Embassy in Afghanistan was the first to tell us about his martyrdom."

Pledging to observe his brother's will, he said the martyr has advised him to continue the 'ongoing charity' project which he started. "That was a mosque being built next to his farm at the Bahya area."

Khawlah Al Tunaiji, sister of the martyr, said that her dear brother travelled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah along with his mother, children and some of their siblings two weeks back. "He was a role model in showing gratitude to his parents."

Ahmed Abdurrahman, cousin of the martyr, said Al Tunaiji was known for his good manners. "He was a real angel or saint; he was a school in giving."


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