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Watch: Disha Patani impresses with new fitness video

Rumoured beau Tiger Shroff left a comment of praise.


Nithin Belle

Published: Tue 9 Nov 2021, 4:23 PM

Mixed martial arts, kickboxing, weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, dancing…Disha Patani does it all. And with terrific stamina and vigorously. And she’s been doing it for quite some time now, which has also helped her film career.

Disha’s Instagram account features many of workouts, drawing in millions of her followers (she has almost 50 million fans following her on Instagram).

Her latest, a video which shows her perform the 720 kick, has drawn over half a million likes. “Finally getting there 🦋 #720kick,” said Disha. Responded one of her admirers: “Woah u did it finally🔥❤️ and so clean👏👏amazing work.” And that was Tiger Shroff, who is known to be close to her.

Disha and Tiger are seen together often, but they have not confirmed any plans. "My boy started dating at the age of 25 and they are really great friends,” Jackie Shroff, Tiger’s father, said in a recent interview. “I have no idea what they decided for their future. But I’m sure about one thing that Tiger is extremely focused on his work. For me, it’s his first work. Nobody – whether it’s his mom, dad, sister or girlfriend – matters more than work to him.”

Tiger’s sister Krishna, who is also close to Disha, remarked about the relationship: “I am happy to see my brother who has someone - a friend, best friend or a close friend or whatever they wanna call their relationship.” According to her, the two are always laughing and “we all have a great time together. I mean, it's great. I want to see my brother happy at the end of the day. As long as he is happy, I am happy."

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