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Dubai is an excellent place to chill out, says actor Bhumika Chawla

The artist, who made a memorable debut with Salman Khan in 2003, opens up about the city and her Bollywood career.


Joydeep Sengupta

Published: Mon 8 Nov 2021, 10:22 AM

Bhumika Chawla made her debut in the Salman Khan starrer Tere Naam in 2003. She struck an instant chord with the audience for her performance in the film.

Chawla was recently in Dubai, a city she’s familiar with because of her long stays in the past.

City Times caught up with her as she opened up about her long absence from Bollywood.

She explained that though she got a few good scripts. But her projects in south India kept her busy.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

Where is Bhumika Chawla, who had made a sensational debut paired opposite Salman Khan in in 2003?

I have been busy working in South India in Telugu Films and have done a film in Hindi this year yet to be released. I am starting another Hindi film in December.

That’s my work front and being a mother is usually a full-time job. With a little one at home and online classes due to the raging Covid-19 pandemic, life is all about balancing work and home. It’s never easy but it’s always a great thing too and to be able to do that as a professional.

You appeared to have moved away from Bollywood and carved out a niche for yourself in Tollywood and down south. How was the transition?

I started my career down south with Telugu and Tamil Films. So, it wasn’t a transition to south India. In fact, I only continued my journey. To top it all, the amount of love and affection I have received from the people, industry and audience in the south is very heartwarming.

How difficult is it to survive in Bollywood? What are the primary hurdles?

Bollywood is an industry that gives opportunities. It’s certainly not a cakewalk. It’s tough to survive. Moreover, it’s an industry that needs a lot of talent, good public relations skills, connections, strength and more importantly, dame luck. However, it’s a welcoming industry. It has got a set of internal challenges like any other industry in the world. Determination, hard work and perseverance and good rapport will never go to waste.

Why did Sushant Singh Rajput die by suicide?

Sushant is gone and what triggered it is also gone with him. We can speculate, discuss it ad nauseam, but the fact remains only he would have known the trigger. There could be several reasons — perhaps, it could be personal or professional or both. Having said that, all I can add is that he is now in another world and space. May God bless him wherever he is…

How did you meet your husband Bharat Thakur, the renowned yoga guru?

I met Bharat while I was wanting to start learning yoga. And at that time a few people mentioned him being a yoga expert, which he is.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have done a Hindi film this year and it’s due for release soon. I plan to start a new film in December.

How has it been in Dubai?

Dubai has been an excellent place to chill out. I catch up with my friends and also enjoy doing a lot of fun-filled activities such as going to Bounce, ice skating, or taking my son to a kids play area in a mall.

Are you planning to relocate here anytime soon?

It’s a welcome change here. However, my work keeps me busy back home, as I, usually, shuttle between Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. So, relocation here on a long-term basis may not be feasible in the near future.

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