The secret to making relationships last

Dubai - Etiquette is important in all ties that bind — whether social or professional

By Konkana Bakshi, Founder, Savoir Faire Academie and former Miss Elegance World

Published: Thu 3 Dec 2020, 10:29 AM

All of us play different roles in our daily lives. Child, sibling, parent, partner, friend, boss — the list goes on. Each relationship comes with its own set of responsibilities, joys and challenges. Have you considered the importance of etiquette in relationships? Here are some things to remember.

1. Be committed: Every relationship requires commitment to stand the test of time. Reliability and dependability tend to get lost in today’s world, unfortunately, which has become too fast-paced to honour those values. We drift apart and give up on the ties that bind because the commitment and consideration they demand are the very things we are shying away from. Commitment shouldn’t just be to immediate family members, who we tend to stick with through thick and thin. I feel commitments are important to any relationship, whether social or professional.

2. Don’t take love for granted: By this, I don’t mean romantic relationships only. Love of any kind — whether a father-daughter bond, a sibling love or friendships — should not be taken for granted. Time is the biggest challenge in today’s world, especially with the pandemic. Sometimes, even if you feel confident that the other person will love you no matter what, ignoring some of the basic relationship rules can cause you to drift apart. Be patient and actively work to keep your relationships alive. Spend time with your parents; call that loved one back. Love is unconditional, and we are only blessed when we have love in our lives. Count your blessings and keep some time aside for the people who truly care about you. Career, finances, business, health — these challenges will always be there. But time, once passed, will not return. It is the only gift you can offer to your loved ones.

3. Put the other first: It’s not always about you; it is about the way the other person feels and responds. Be considerate of the person on the other side of the relationship. What is going on in their world, especially given the events of the last year? Keep encouragement alive in all your relationships. Remember the good things that built that relationship. Try to avoid complaints, and learn to let go. Acknowledge the contribution of others in your life — in any way or form — and, most importantly, be attentive.

I hope you get a chance to ponder upon these relationship rules. Till next time, #beextraordinary.

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