Is there a social code for pets?

Dubai - Training our four-legged friends to be well-behaved is a fundamental responsibility

By Konkana Bakshi, Founder, Savoir Faire Academie and former Miss Elegance World

Published: Thu 5 Nov 2020, 5:17 PM

Last updated: Thu 5 Nov 2020, 6:32 PM

If you’re a dog parent like me, you know what it’s like to adore and dote on your puppy — to shower it with time, attention, and plenty of love. We have three cocker spaniels at home and, believe me, our happiness revolves around them.

Having said that, no dog parent will disagree that there is some etiquette to consider when it comes to gracious pet ownership so that our pets get along well and are thought of favourably by others. Here are a few:

1. Be considerate of others: Not everyone who lands up at your doorstep is comfortable with dogs. Some people do not have pets themselves and can be slightly afraid of them, when they haven’t had one of their own.

If you are expecting guests, do mention that you have pets at home, so they have a choice and can manage their expectations accordingly. If your dog does something to upset someone (by jumping, biting or barking), offer a sincere apology to your guests and take necessary measures immediately to prevent the situation from reoccurring. Training our pets to be social and well-behaved is a fundamental responsibility.

2. Monitor their socialising: Before you allow your pup to greet a potential furry, four-legged friend, pay attention to his body language. When two furry friends are meeting, make sure both of them are calm and show inviting body language. Try to keep on-leash meetings quick and positive.

If your dog needs social behaviour training, then ensure you hire a good trainer to train him for his mental health and social mannerisms. Even if he is older and shows signs of aggression, it's more of a reason for you to be responsible. Just like your children, your dog’s social mannerisms are of equal importance.

3. Keep them well-groomed: Hygiene is of utmost importance for all pets. There are several ways to look after your pet’s skin, fur, paws and mouth hygiene. It's always lovely to be greeted by a nice smelling puppy.

One can easily find suitable grooming products online and at pet stores. Also, regular baths and grooming sessions — at least once every fortnight — are advised. Your pet’s health will be better when his hygiene is on point.

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