5 common etiquette mistakes you can do without


Thinking attractive young asian woman.
Thinking attractive young asian woman.

Published: Thu 4 Mar 2021, 5:30 PM

Drinking to your own toast

By Konkana Bakshi

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If someone raise a toast on you, then you’re the one being honoured or celebrated. It’s a common mistake to drink out of your own glass and raise your glass with the others. If you or any of your achievements are celebrated by raising a toast at a dinner, you shouldn’t drink right away; it’s considered arrogant.

Sitting when being introduced

Please stand up while being introduced for the first time. It’s a sign of respect and it’s looks irresponsible to keep sitting while offering a hand to shake. When you are being introduced to someone in a business or a social gathering, no matter if it’s a restaurant or a boardroom, please stand up, offering a genuine warm smile and an approachable facial experience during the introduction. You can simply nod with sincerity and avoid handshake if you are not comfortable.

Failing to say ‘Thank You’ for little acts of services

Good manners start with simple words to be included in your daily vocabulary. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ should be spoken out more often. Remember, good manners are contagious. Not only will people respond to you more respectfully with your refined elocution, but young children pick up good manners and vocabulary quickly from parents. If someone holds the door for you, a valet opens the car door for you, a server serves you drinks or food, your home staff honouring you with your requests, say ‘thank you’ with sincerity with a smile and eye contact. Eye contact is a sign of validation while thanking the other person.

Offering a hug on the first meeting

Has someone you have never met before offered you a hug on the first meeting? With a member of opposite sex, it’s a bit too much and overstepping your “friendliness”. It’s not only rude but callousness. Be confident in having a sincere conversation without bodily contact. It’s funny and strange to witness this so commonly in social gatherings. By all means go ahead and give a warm hug to your friend, but don’t offer the ingenuine side hug for the lack of good greeting.

Leaving your earphones on when talking to someone in person

Many people leave their wireless Air Pods on during a face-to-face conversation and this is a huge etiquette faux pas. This can confuse the person in conversation with you, as it’s not clear who you are really talking to. It may also show lack of good manners when you don’t take off the technology device before starting personal conversation. It may feel like you simply don’t care. Always take out your earbuds or remove your headphones when speaking with someone in real life, even if the sound is already turned off. And please, don’t put the cell phone on the table, in your hand or use it to check social media when you are with someone. Using a cell phone can be a massively rude gesture.

Hope this helps in you being more mindful in your social life. Till next week, #beextraordinary.


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