The perfect blend

Previously known as Tecom, Barsha Heights is a vibrant and urban community

By Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Wed 31 Mar 2021, 6:44 PM

Last updated: Sun 25 Apr 2021, 9:00 PM

The buzzing neighbourhood is home to many small and local businesses, thus making it perfect for both commercial and residential use. This district bags an ideal spot next to some major network of roads that runs through the city, making commutes easier for residents. The neighbourhood is centrally located and integrates living and working spaces seamlessly. Explore the lifestyle perks of an often overlooked area that is a combination of residential, recreational and commercial spaces. The large green spaces in the area invite family and friends to enjoy a fun-filled barbecue party or to host a small private event. The community parks are always buzzing with exciting activities with paved walkways and cycling and jogging tracks among the lush landscapes of nature.

ActivitiesAl Barsha Pond Park?

52 acres of beautiful greenery spread around this large man-made pond. The park is an ideal atmosphere for a peaceful evening in the company of friends and family. It has a running track and rental boats and bikes too.

History of Cinema Museum ?

The Dubai Moving Image Museum showcases the progression of visual entertainment - from its low-tech inception to the birth of modern-day cinema. The museum was built around owner Akram Mikna>s collection of moving image devices dating back to the 1730s.

Lucky Voice

The best karaoke place in town! Sing in the main restaurant area or book a private pod, which guarantees an occasion to remember, where you can sing and dance your heart out.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Each season, as the weather begins to cool at the onset of winter, the gates of the world's largest natural flower garden reopen every year. With more than 150 million flowers in full bloom, this paradise has flowered into one of the region's most picturesque, sweet-scented destinations.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The world's largest covered butterfly garden consists of ten custom-built domes filled with 15,000 butterflies of around over 50 varieties of butterfly in different sizes and colours flying around the visitors.

Jebel Ali Racecourse?

Fancy a race? The Jebel Ali Racecourse in Barsha has become known for its 'garden party' like atmosphere and old-fashioned charm about it. Admission is free and six races are held per afternoon. The course is near the stands and the spectators get a great view of the horses and the racing.

Culinary spotsRock Bottom Café?

Home to the 'dine and dance' concept, the legendary spot offers exciting theme nights. Sample some delectable finger food over exquisite beverages.

The Clavichord

Its dark and moody interiors create a cool ambience. It's reminiscent of small, smoky, London or New York lounges.Visitors can expect scrumptious treats accompanied by amazing service.

Spotlight Restaurant?

Spotlight seeks light in the middle of darkness. Shed light on the good moments and makes memories at this resident-favourite venue. Open till 2 am, perfect for midnight snacking.

"Barsha Heights, often referred to as Tecom, is the perfect community that offers everything, a friendly neighbourhood, an urban lifestyle, community parks, office space, hotels, restaurants to dine out, proximity to the metro station, and connected to the main roads."

Ashish Gupta

Vice President, Bates PanGulf

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