Taking charge: Year of the Ox

If you are born in the Year of the Ox, here are some fun personality traits of the agricultural boss

Year of the Ox

The mighty ox takes its significance from an agricultural landscape. The animal is known to be honest and hardworking with positive characteristics. Here are some cool traits.

Oxen keep to themselves

Those born in the year of the ox do not seek attention or look for praise. While they are known to be modest about their talents, their hard work shines through and these are often recognised in their area of expertise. They are logical and make great leaders, but are known to be quite stubborn.

According to Chinesenewyear.net, men born in the ox year are trustworthy, reliable, and they pour their heart into everything they do. They also feel great responsibility towards their family.

Women born in the same Chinese zodiac year are docile, however, are equally stubborn and stick to their own beliefs. On the bright side, their nature helps them think and react to situations quickly.


Chinese astrology predicts that this year will start on a relative low note for the Ox, bringing significant instability to fortunes. It also suggests not to act rashly else encounter something unexpected. Oxens are encouraged to continue working on personal development, live their best life and be prepared to adapt to changing situations. Hard work and determination will persevere, so stay calm and patient. The wheel of fortune is expected to turn in your favour soon.

Valentine's tip

Ox people often pour their heart and soul when falling in love with somebody. But their conservative nature won't let a relationship come to light until it's stable. This means if your partner was born in the year of the ox, you may need to be more patient with them.

Oxens are fond of mature partners, and steer clear from those who are just looking for some fun. They tend to wait for a long time till they find a soulmate, rather than focus on building a relationship quickly. Those born during the period of the agricultural leader also cherish family and expect members of their kin to strive for recognition.

Lucky strikes

  • Numbers: 1 and 9
  • Colours: Red, blue and purple
  • Flowers: Tulip, evergreen and peach blossom
  • Directions: Southeast, south and north

The following birth years fall under the ox legacy

1925 ,1937,1949,1961,1973,1985,1997, 2009, 2021, and 2033

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