Shop smart

By Vama Kothari

Published: Tue 31 Aug 2021, 10:03 AM

How to strategise your next purchase in a metro city

In a glamourous city like Dubai, it is very easy to keep drooling over window displays feeling like Rebecca from The Confessions of a Shopaholic. The scene when she first saw the sea-green scarf on the mannequin is an accurate representation of my visits to Dubai Mall, but being in a plethora of clothes is never the key to a trendy wardrobe.

Shop during DSF:

Who said only tourists shop passionately during Dubai Shopping Festival? DSF in 2021 is slated between December 17, 2021, to January 30, 2022. The easiest way to navigate is by downloading their official app to stay updated about brands going on sale and at what per cent, sale dates and timings.

Public holidays means business:

Dubai balances between being a cosmopolitan city while maintaining its cultural identity. Some of Dubai’s biggest sales are during festivals. “Both Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr are great opportunities to express love for family and friends. We’ve always seen a wonderful and cheerful nature of the gifts given during Eid, as we’ve noticed that our gift box collection and jewellery become top sellers in Dubai during this period,” says Ahmad Yousuf, Founder of Minimalist.

Understand when the product you want will go on scale:

Just like the global climate, fashion has seasons too. The most popular are Spring/Summer (which including resort wear and ready-to-wear clothing) and Autumn/Winter (including fall and pre-fall wear).So if you’ve set your eyes on a Fuschia pink blazer that launched in S/S 2021, you are most likely to get it on a markdown during S/S 2022.

Look at models or influencers of your body type:

To get the closest image of how an outfit might look on you, refer to a model of your body type or someone who has the same pain points in dressing as you do.

Stop looking for statement pieces in non-statement stores:

If you are looking for an iconic garment for an iconic event, stop wasting your time in fast fashion stores, which are known for products that don’t last more than a few wears.

Spend money on the right things:

It’s okay to want to splurge. It’s okay to crave shopping, but be mindful and spend the largest chunk of your money on things you wear daily. A stellar piece of advice from a fashion journalist — the higher the wear and tear, the more expensive it is allowed to be. In a city like Dubai, shop guilt-free semi-formals.

Elevate to your higher self:

When shopping, go through this checklist in your head — ‘Is this piece comfortable? Is it helping me reach the vision I have for myself? Do I see myself sporting this style? Do I feel confident in it?’ Answering these help with decluttering and shopping fatigue. “Customers are getting back on their feet and stepping up their game by transforming the shoe shopping experience and are back in high heels,” notices Samara Punjabi, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, Middle East.

Stop trying to sport every trend:

I am aware of the pressures that one might face to stay relevant in style. Even then, remember that it’s not the end of the world. Clothes are designed by a person, for a person. The hype created around a trend is by a person and double-tapped on social media by another person. Don’t take this whole thing too seriously, we are all playing to our realities. Choose real over perfect - Vama Kothari is a fashion journalist and spokesperson on global fashion.

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