Say bye to ugly sweaters

HOHOHO!!! We're styling differently this season.

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By Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Fri 18 Dec 2020, 6:26 PM

Wacky characters, candy canes, penguins, and pine trees - we're all too familiar with the festive sweaters that moms and dads ritually pull out of thin air every year-end. Well, love it or hate it, these goofy jumpers aren't going anywhere, but there are plenty of ways to restyle and integrate them into your wardrobe.

Enhance with accessories

What you carry on you can give a nouveau take on the jumper bumper. Try blending in a bow-tie, smart wristwatch, a simple clutch (yes, bring out those man purses!), and statement accessories like chunky earrings, necklaces and ankle boots. Keep all this classy and monotone. You can also top it up with some wire-framed fashion glasses.

Roll it up

Most of these sinister sweaters come with all-over prints that may be harsh on the eyes. While sweater paws may seem cute for a while, you may want to break the pattern for aesthetic relief by rolling up the sleeves. If wearing a shirt under, align the inner shirt sleeves with the sweater's and roll it up by three-quarters, ending just below the elbow. Dress it down

Ladies, pick up an oversized sweater, give your waist definition with a cool belt and pair the ensemble with tights and knee-high boots for instant va-va-voom! This works well on most figures. All you need to make it work is the right dose of confidence. Under the prints

Your jumper doesn't have to show up solo. Pair a complementary collared shirt for a comfortable layered style. When deciding on the inner shirt colour, simply choose a pastel shade of the colour that dominates the sweater.

Invest in vests

Add a whole new vibe to the long-running tradition - instead of the full-sleeved regulars, opt for a vest. You can easy turn these uncle staples into chic and charming by pairing them with contrasting rolled up sleeved shirts, long coats and well-pressed slacks or a skirt.

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