Nurturing a nursery

The factors to keep in mind while fashioning a new nursery

By Michelle D'Souza

Published: Tue 31 Aug 2021, 1:46 PM

Is the stork visiting you soon, but you have absolutely no idea how to prepare a nice, cosy nest for the impending arrival? We got you! Along with grappling with nervousness and anxiety before your new-born’s arrival, designing the little one’s nursery can add to the whole high-strung atmosphere.

However, we’ve got help at hand. Interior designing expert Kate Instone from Blush Interiors gets into the nitty-gritty of building the perfect, and most importantly, an accident-proof nursery for your new-born.

Colour scheme

Instone advises clients select a neutral colour scheme for new-born babies. “We find that a pearl palette is relaxing for both the baby and the parents. Having a new baby can be very stressful and we feel that strong colours and patterns can be very distracting for both baby or parent,” she noted.

However, if you want to introduce a bit of colour and you know the gender of your baby, she recommends a very pale dusty blush or pale blue ascents that can be fun.

“If you are waiting for a surprise, then we love to add a splash of pale peppermint or choose a monochrome palette. For shared bedrooms, we love to pair peach and steal blue,” she added.

Choosing a specific style or theme

Instone reveals that a nursery should be a continuation of the interior scheme of the house. “We find that most of our homes fall into the following categories, modern, classic, vintage, or boho-chic. We try to discourage themes such as princess, Disney, jungle, etc. We find that our clients tire of these quite quickly and children grow out of them.”


Picking a crib and its bedding

The crib is the central piece of the nursery and is usually the first item that is selected. There are many fun options to swoon over for the celeb-following modern mother.

There’s the uber luxe Vetro crib in clear acrylic, loved by Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé at $5,000. For the sophisticated, more classical mother, Instone recommends the Bellina arched conversion crib by Restoration hardware.

“We love the elegant carved detailing, and it gives you the opportunity to embellish it with a lace canopy and pretty bows. It makes a stunning centrepiece to the classical nursery.”

For the more whimsical, boho mother, Instone endorses Crade and Kids Rattan Bassinet. “Rattan is a huge trend at the moment and looks like a great set against a beautiful wallpaper and a dream catcher. A bassinet is a great idea for a newborn baby as you can easily move it from room to room.”

Bratt Decors’ Joy Baby crib is what she has in mind if the mother is a vintage lover. “It has a simple and elegant Parisian-inspired design, it is a luxury iron baby crib in a distressed white finish that looks like an heirloom for a bygone age.”

Regarding the bedding for a crib, the mother must remember that this is purely decorative and as advised by the American Academy of Paediatrics, all bumpers, blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals should be removed for safe sleep. One must always check the latest guidelines on safe sleep recommendations, advises Instone.

How to create an optimum sleeping environment

“We believe that bedrooms are for sleeping and do not advise TVs to be installed in nurseries. It’s best for stimulating toys and other distractions to be kept in the playroom and not in the sleeping area. We work with our lighting consultants to make sure we have very calming, low-level lights for the night-time,” Instone maintains.

One way to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the room is by opting for a neutral pallet with just a hint of colour. Kate feels it is also very important to create a comfortable spot for the parents to relax while feeding or reading to the baby.

Anchoring furniture and baby-proofing the room

Once your baby has grown into a toddler, that’s when real baby-proofing takes place. “Door handle covers, hinge covers, safety gates et al, make sure you store all breakable items on high-level shelves, anchor heavy furniture to minimise the chances of tip-over accidents, cover all power sockets and install window guards. Always refer to official guidelines for the latest baby-proofing recommendations,” Kate proposes.

Storage solutions

Planning storage solutions is sacrosanct when you are designing your baby’s nursery.

Kate says, “You will need great changing storage (if possible, we love to install a sink and tap next to the changing station), you need a bin, storage for nappies, changing mats, wipes, and lotions and potions.

“We also like to include a locked cabinet at a high level for any medications. We like to include storage under the crib for any decorative items you might use to dress the crib — these can always be removed and stored away when your baby is sleeping.”

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