Much ado about Muchachas

Published: Tue 22 Dec 2020, 9:14 AM

Last updated: Tue 22 Dec 2020, 11:52 AM

Dubai is home to the best of the best in the world. This is no different when it comes to food. The ever-inventing food scenario in the city is developing and it is a no-brainer that it is of immense necessity that restaurants have to come up with new concepts to satiate the demands of the changing crowd.

One of the brands that has constantly kept up with the gastronomical choices of its patrons is Muchachas. The readjusted, socially distant décor has the same vibe as always. We urge you to book a table from before in case you do not want to be disappointed.

My partner, who is a vegetarian, and I went to try the newly announced menu that promises to be more mexican. Carefully curated by Chef René Millán, the menu had a vast option for both of us, some even customised to suit our palate. The menu can also be updated for vegans.

We started off with wild mushroom ceviche and red snapper ceviche on ice with crispy light fried plantain on the side. The light refreshing dish was bursting with citrus, herbs, and chilly flavours, a good starter to begin with. Between both of these, I would pick mushroom because it tasted heavenly.

Next, we dived into scallop tostada for me and wild mushroom tostada for my partner. The soft meat on top was the perfect topping for the crispy base. I definitely recommend that you go for the scallops that also includes coriander chimichurri, pickled cabbage, and crispy plantain.

Scallop Tostada

The tortilla soup and salad followed next. What is great about this place is that the staff pays attention to your dietary needs. We requested to see more vegetarian dishes and the menu was modified immediately by Chef René. The quinoa, charred corn, crispy tortilla salad introduced us to the concept of Agedashi Tofu. Crispy, deep-fried on the outside, and buttery soft on the inside, the tofu was the best I had ever tasted and worked so well in a Mexican dish. If you are going for a lighter meal, don't skip the West Coast Tofu Salad.

We also tried some popular street food like mango habanero chicken wings and beef campechano tacos made of homemade wagyu chorizo and avocado cream. Surely a mouthful and heavy on the tummy.


Beer Campechano Tacos

The finale was dulce de leche tamal. This one is special to me because it reminded me of a dessert my grandma used to make with dates in India. The sweet dish is complemented with yogurt pop and roasted almonds. Crunchy and creamy at the same time.

Dulce De Leche Tamal

Do not wait too long to try this Latin-American culinary experience at Holiday Inn Express at Al Safa, Dubai. The fiery menu surely complements the festive fervour.

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