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With so many new spots opening up, we present a 2021 bucket list to you

By Kushmita Bose

Published: Mon 2 Aug 2021, 10:17 AM

This metropolis of high-rises and retail malls has evolved from a desert outpost to a hotspot for travellers seeking sales deals, sunshine, and family fun. However, the city offers numerous cultural attractions and glitzy modern extras as well. Learn more about the best places to visit with our list of the latest attractions that have opened in Dubai.

Places to go:


Deep Dive Dubai: Opened in July 2021, Deep Dive Dubai is the newest addition to the city’s growing sports and adventure activities sector, and it’s the place to be for all aquaphiles. The recreational centre’s 60 metre-deep pool is certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving. In addition to its incredible depth, the pool also features other elements such as a ‘sunken city’ with an abandoned urban streetscape where divers can explore and discover details in this modern Atlantis-like immersive zone.

Top Golf: TopGolf, which has locations in the US, UK and Australia, opened a three-story entertainment zone at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai this year. You don’t have to be a golf fanatic to enjoy this mega-complex of fun, which includes 90 temperature-controlled hitting bays, wide televisions, three restaurants as well as retail shops to keep everyone entertained. You may select and choose games based on your skill level, so whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just getting started, you’ll find a challenge that suits you.

The View: The View at The Palm offers unrivalled views of one of Dubai's most famous sites. The observation deck, which is 240 m high, offers never-before-seen 360-degree panoramas of Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf›s dazzling waters, and the Dubai metropolis in the distance. Located on level 52 of the Palm Tower, it also features a café, an exhibition about the island›s growth, interactive aquarium-themed tunnels, and a gift shop.

Ain Dubai: Ain Dubai, located on Bluewater’s Island, adds to Dubai’s growing list of world records. At 250 m, it offers stunning views of the cityscape including Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands and the old and new Dubai. Due to open by the end of 2021, the wheel has 48 capsules with each ride lasting around 38 minutes. The observation wheel is accompanied by astounding social and celebration experiences making it an unmissable spot.

Infinity des Lumieres: An immersive digital art centre presenting some of the world’s most famous masterpieces painted by renowned artists, has recently opened its doors at Dubai Mall. Visitors can walk into these installations, becoming a part of each piece as it glides, swirls, and pulses to meticulously prepared soundtracks.

The large display space at Infinity des Lumières combines to create a vast exhibition and the arena features a projection area of 2,700 sq m making it almost impossible to miss a thing.

Moon Lake: At the centre of the Al Qudra desert is the new Moon Lake, shaped like a crescent moon. Mostafa, a prominent Dubai-based photographer and videographer who goes by the handle @100.pixels on Instagram, was the first to unveil the new lake. It’s a secret gem, according to the photographer and is “full of wildlife and barely intact nature.”



Time Out Market: With restaurants handpicked by Time Out Dubai editors, Time Out Market is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai in Souk Al Bahar. The Market’s outdoor terrace offers amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, while inside it’s teeming with local chefs serving up distinctive delicacies. It features an enhanced dining hall experience with a collection of the city’s greatest restaurants as well as a slew of cultural activations ranging from art exhibitions to live performances.


Hatta Dome Park: Hatta is now home to a brand-new glamping experience. This spot features 15 tents each with panoramic windows, an outdoor terrace, and all of the facilities you’d expect from a hotel, such as a smart washroom, sleek TVs, and even a mini-fridge. After a day of activity, each tent has its own deck and chairs, as well as a BBQ and fire pit to relax around. At the nearby Hatta Wadi Hub, experience mountain karting, zip-lining, trampoline jumping, paragliding, and much more. Outdoor enthusiasts, if you are looking for an exciting spot over the weekend this is the one for you.


Three new roads have opened to reduce the transportation time between different Emirates in the country. The first is the expansion of Sheikh Khalifa Road E84. It extends from the E84/E101 Sharjah interchange to Kalba Road in Sharjah’s Mleiha neighbourhood and ends at Al Shuwaib in Abu Dhabi.

Second, the E64 Al Watan Road connects Dubai’s Hatta neighbourhood to Masfout in Ajman before continuing to Wadi Al Qor in Ras Al Khaimah. This road reduces the distance between Sharjah’s Al Madam roundabout and Hatta by half an hour.

The third is the Dubai-Hatta road, which involves the enhancement of the present Dubai-Hatta road between with three lanes in each direction instead of two lanes.

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