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Get your daily vitamins from a chewable candy-like medicine from rite. Excerpts from an interview with the founders Sebastien and Guillaume

What are gummy vitamins?

It's a new form of health supplements, which replaces pills, tablets or powders. The trend started in the US, and gummy vitamins are now being more and more popular in the Middle East. These candy-like chewable gums are intended to make the consumption of health supplements more fun and effective.

Why health supplements?

Health supplements are meant to support your diet with nutrients you can't find in sufficient quantities in food anymore, such as vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids. Their goal is to avoid nutritional deficiencies, which are now common with athletes, the elderly, people with diabetes, vegans, pregnant women, etc.

Gummy vitamins vs. multivitamin pills

Enjoyable taste and texture

Gummy vitamins are a pleasant way to take care of yourself. It has a smooth texture and a savoury taste and will for sure always remember to finish your cure. During Ramadan, the ENERGY gummies are recommended to fight fatigue, increase your energy levels, and boost your immune system. Two gummies per day, just before Suhoor will provide you with the necessary vitamins to feel energized throughout the day.


Gummy vitamins can have the same concentration of active ingredients as traditional health supplements. They are designed by nutritionist and pharmacist experts to make sure they combine efficiency, quality and taste.

It's important to make sure to choose gummies without synthetic sweeteners, without additives and that are reduced in sugars. It is safe to go for vegan gummies to avoid animal gelatin, which is quite common in US-imported products.

During Ramadan, the SLIM gummies are recommended to improve digestion and the quality of sleep as a result. If you have two gummies per day, after Iftar it will help regulate your appetite which can be sudden at night, enhance your digestion and provide a healthier sleep.


Gummies were initially designed for people who forgot to take their supplements every day.

If you have the same problem, it is time you try gummy vitamins! There is no need for water, you can take them on the go wherever you are: at home, at the gym or work.

Strict regulations

All health supplements should be registered under the UAE authorities. Dubai Municipality will perform a detailed examination of all ingredients and their dosage, as well as microbiological analysis to ensure they are totally safe to use. For this reason, try and avoid buying gummies from abroad because the regulations of other countries can vary, and they may contain certain ingredients that are prohibited in the UAE.

The rite. gummy vitamins are registered in France, and the UAE, making sure they comply with strict but fair regulations.

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