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Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 5:32 PM

Seema Al Mansoory

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Co-Founder and CEO of EVA Interiors

Al Mansoory is regionally recognised as an architecture and Interiors expert, with a deep-rooted understanding of the UAE culture and experience in contemporary aesthetics.

Describe you, the designer.

I am also a wife and mother of two children and have Sudanese roots but was born and raised in the Gulf, specifically between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. I discovered my interest in architecture at an early age and have admired details used in interiors and structures.

After an initial experience in the professional world of Architectural Consulting following graduation from the American University of Sharjah, I decided to open my own firm in 2009, where I was originally the sole employee responsible for all tasks in the company. I was the person responsible for everything from bringing in the clients, to meeting them and taking the brief to doing all the design and all the admin work involved.

What is design for you?

If you look around yourself, you will notice that everything is designed. However, few things are designed well. The alternative to good design is actually bad design because there is actually no such thing as ‘no’ design. Good design always adds more value than the expense incurred in designing it. I personally like to treat design as personal and something that is my own as I believe the more personal a design is the more successful it finally becomes.

What inspires you?

Inspiration plays a huge importance in creativity and this can come from a walk in Paris, London or Geneva, personalities, museums, art galleries, and of course the latest restaurants and hotels. Travelling is always a constant source of inspiration.

Your masterpiece.

When I approach a new challenge, I always consider it to be my new masterpiece and creating a masterpiece always has many factors that play a role. Creating a masterpiece is almost like creating perfection (which actually I don’t think exists but we can try to get close to it).

We were very lucky to have a client that gave us the brief to elevate an existing residence and elevate the interiors with more refined architectural and interior styling. It was quite unusual for us, as we usually do not work with so many colours all together in the space. However, the vibrant greens, golds, purples and reds used in the spaces is what gave it it’s very own unique twist. We also integrated the clients’ love of culture into several aspects of the design combining orientalist touches with chinoiserie and the English Classical aesthetic.

Being given a huge amount of freedom in selecting the right combination of textures, furnishings and finishes, staging the spaces with lighting and accessories is one of the aspects that played a role in the huge success of this masterpiece which went on to become an award winning project for the firm being featured in various publications including the Architectural Digest.

A designer you can resonate with.

Again, there are a few but an all-time favourite would be the late Alberto Pinto for his timeless aesthetic. I think many people will see him as being the master of the classics but his refusal of monotony and boredom of the norm and juxtaposition of shapes and eras is something that I can resonate with.

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