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Pol Gracia has continued to learn and evolve a diverse skillset, gaining various skills to further his professional progression

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Published: Thu 9 Jun 2022, 5:07 PM

An innovative food connoisseur par excellence, Pol Garcia is the Executive Chef at Soho Garden, Meydan. Beginning his culinary journey at the tender age of 16, Garcia has honed his skills by working with some of the most influential and award-winning chefs around the globe, making his culinary journey in Dubai all the more inspiring.

Recently, the talented chef exhibited his diverse palette by implementing his own food menu with a fresh touch of Mediterranean and Asian twist. The exceptional array includes a balance of exotic flavours along with an incredible food selection to cater to a wide palate. Talking about his newly launched menu, Garcia said: “We use modern techniques with exceptional quality products. By working with four different kinds of olive oil and collaborating with the best food suppliers in the city, we can ensure that we produce the highest quality dishes. We want to ensure that all our valued guests leave satisfied with our options and we have tailored the menu with this in mind for the preferred taste of various different nationalities.”

Apart from the diverse dishes, the culinary specialist has also introduced a large range of customised menus that are suitable for any kind of event. With Soho Garden Meydan, he has found the perfect professional fit, as his massive knowledge of food and culinary techniques match up perfectly with the unique style and ambiance of the restaurant. “Every venue has its own personality food wise, but all with a common vision. We are so passionate about showcasing our culinary excellence, that we often organise out of the ordinary food events. Soho Garden has been constantly improving and changing since its inception and the kitchen is no different.”

Gracia aims to elevate the dining experience for guests to ensure they leave satisfied having enjoyed top-quality food and outstanding service. Being in a vibrant city like Dubai, he has capitalised on the huge potential to try new things that he previously wouldn’t have attempted. “I arrived in Dubai not so long ago to become a part of the amazing Soho Garden family and I have seen huge potential in our venues in such a short time. What I love about this vibrant city is the cultural mix and all the exotic flavours that are on hand that I can add to my cooking.”

The food connoisseur strongly believes that cooking is all about taking a unique journey and he is highly passionate about it. He said: “It is very difficult for me to create something and not have a personal and emotional connection to it. I want diners to see how my own personal style translates onto the plate so they can enjoy the journey with me.”

It is with this enthusiasm that Gracia leads the talented kitchen team at Soho Garden, crafting a menu of modern design to please any palate. Gracia’s favourite dishes at the restaurant include Beluga caviar, lobster, smoked salmon and stuffed macaroni with foie and black truffle.

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