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By Peter Davos

Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 4:09 PM

It may seem as though your child still has months to go before completing their final year of high school, but before you know it, it's already time to look for further education options. After all, if there's anything 2020 has taught us, it's that time flies when you least expect it.

When it comes to planning for advanced studies, pursuing colleges and universities abroad remains a priority, as it gives students access to quality education in a diverse and engaging environment with incomparable international experience.

The US remains among the top, and according to Hale Education Group, it is rewarding to seek early acceptance in colleges. Students have two types of early admission options to choose from - early decision and early action - both of which accepts applications in the fall of their final high school year and respond by December 15. Universities may offer both options, but most typically offer only one or the other. As 'early decision' is a binding contract, accepted students must enrol at the school and withdraw all outstanding applications, while those who apply for 'early action' may still apply to other institutions and await their acceptances there.

When to apply?

As early as possible, according to the education experts. Students can start brainstorming possible topics for their personal statement address as early as winter break. Similarly, students should be aware that admissions departments consider grades from all four years of high school as well as their extracurricular involvement, so it is wise to get involved early.

Early Action and Decision deadlines are typically dated to the end of October and early November, but some students submit their applications as early as August, before they even enrol in their final year of high school.

When to seek assistance?

Hale Education Group operates on the philosophy of finding the best "fit" for students and provides assistance with every component of the admissions process: creating a balanced college list, developing a personalised strategy and assisting with the personal statement, the essays and the applications.

Post-joining, a student's profile is evaluated and a dedicated counselor works one on one with them to craft an extracurricular profile, develop key writing skills, and enrol in school courses that will maximise their viability in the admissions process. More than that, a Hale counselor is a trusted advisor with the student's best interests in mind, and will work with the student and the family to develop a strong roster of colleges and institutions that balance the student's interests, academic profile, and stated aspirations. The holistic support offered by Hale helps every individual student realise their maximum potential, and opens up opportunities to study in top US-based universities, such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania.


. Strong academic profile - including success in the most advanced courses offered by the secondary school

. High test scores

. Broad and deep extracurricular profile

. Essays, including the personal statement and any additional writing the institution requests

TIP: Weak test scores can be made up by strong grades and demonstrated interests outside the classroom, while professional engagement during secondary school may substitute for the absence of certain courses from the high school record.

Peter Davos is the Founder and CEO of Hale Education Group.




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