Bombay Bungalow: A modern take on beloved Indian recipes

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

Published: Thu 14 Jul 2022, 5:29 PM

Every gourmand will agree that food plays the role of a time machine, instantly transporting them to a time and place that is forever etched in their memory. When I visited Bombay Bungalow recently to try their ‘Summer Lunch Menu’, I experienced a similar sensation. With each bite, I felt whisked away, within a time capsule, to memories of childhood and the smells and tastes that whisk you back home.

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The first thing that brought a smile to my face, after coming in from the scorching sun, was the calming and cool ambience of the restaurant. There is something about the sight of greenery and plants and Indian-themed settings that instantly puts your mind at ease and your stomach grumbling, at least mine did. Situated in the Beach Mall at JBR Walk, it is a welcome oasis from the heat. If nothing else, the sight of a dupatta-clad Mona Lisa, demurely smiling from an Indian-styled window should elicit a grin.

After we set foot indoors, we were taken to our table by the courteous host, who explained the exotic special summer menu that consisted of three categories, comprising of an eclectic choice of dishes. We decided to begin the evening with the drinks while waiting for the first dish. The Pepsi Summer Float provided the desired cooling effect while Iced Karak produced the desired caffeine kick needed to set the gears in motion.

We began our meal with salads. My personal favourite was Bungalow Caprese Salad with its cottage cheese and pomegranate dressing combination, while the Pomelo Salad had a bittersweet aftertaste that was unique.For appetizers, we chose to go with the ever-reliable Aloo Tikki Chaat and the too-good-to-resist Mango Chicken. While the latter lived up to our expectations with its succulent tikkis dipped in pea hummus, the oven-cooked chicken, dipped in tangy mango chutney was a whole other ballgame.

Then followed the mains consisting of Mughlai Chicken and Bengal Seafood Curry. The chicken, dipped in mild creamy cashew gravy awoke taste buds I never knew existed on my palate. The seafood curry, made from raw mango, onion, tomato and chilli gravy, invited second and third helpings when mixed with rice.

Lastly, literally bursting at the seams, we had only our sweet tooth to satiate. Choosing between the Mango Shrikhand, Phirni Brulee and Trio of Ice Cream proved to be a tough task. However, with a vow to re-visit again, we decided on the Mango Shrikand which was a heady mixture of sweet and tangy, washed down with jasmine tea. Last but not the least, we couldn’t help but indulge the child in us with a Tutti fruity flavoured Gola, replete with sprinkles on top. The perfect ending to a memorable lunch!

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