Balance it out

Many gifts will excite a Libra; below are a few unique ideas to get your thoughts moving in the right direction


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021, 12:00 AM

As we move ahead and closer to the end of the year the stars of the next month are Libras. Charming, smart, and sociable, Libras are the most fun but incredibly hard to shop for. Librans (born between September 23 and October 22,) are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty.

This means they have very specific tastes, and it is the sign most associated with justice and law (so you might just get judged for the wrong gift). A semblance of balance is precisely what we need during these trying times, so we’re ready to celebrate our favourite steady sign with a Zodiac gift guide expertly crafted in their honour.

Librans are known to indulge in the finer things in life — everything you gift needs to be of great quality. While Libras are best known as masters of balance and symmetry (being represented by brass scales), they’re also known for their romantic side and appreciation of all things beautiful, too. The person adds glamour, sparkle, and laughter to life. Think beautiful, tasteful, and aesthetically pleasing — with a personal and thoughtful touch.

Celebrate the most compassionate star sign in your life with the suggestions ahead. As always our disclaimer — this does not apply to every Libran, you know your friends and family best!

At the top of the list — you cannot go wrong with home decor. Take a good look around their home and get a feel of their favourite shades, patterns and overall aesthetic. Then, look for something that no one else will have. Try a commissioned portrait if you can find an artist.

For the sparkle — get your women Librans some high-end makeup with a bit of shimmer. An evening sultry eyeshadow palette or a popular highlighter would be ideal. They tend to be the life of the party and always seem to know everyone. With so many parties to attend their makeup needs to keep up.

In a similar vein, skincare is really important to Libras. Getting that natural glow is also as important. Find out their skin type and preferences (you may have to snoop in their bathroom cabinet) and buy a few tubes of skin goodness.

Speaking of shimmer — how about some silky robes and sleepwear? Nothing says regal like a satin nightgown and the elite Libran will surely appreciate drifting off to dreamland in the free and flowy material.

To appeal to the inner musician for the Libra man — it’s been said that they love the beautiful sounds and harmonies of music. Concert tickets, an evening of live music or a completely personalised playlist that reflects your favourite shared memories or songs that simply remind you of them can be your go-to’s. Check the events calendars at the Dubai Opera and the Coca Cola Arena — the music scene is buzzing right now!

Like mentioned before, Librans are ruled by the Goddess of love and beauty so a romantic scent selected by an expert perfumer is also something to consider. Pick a fragrance that you think is closest to their personality.

Libras love to accessorise. Look for options with copper or lapis lazuli, like a lapis wisdom bracelet or a cool finger-ring. If you’re aiming for the birthstone, look for jewellery with opal in them.

Libras are always looking to be stimulated. They are the type of person that always has a book in hand. They keep up with the latest trends and read what everyone is talking about. Take to the new releases and bestsellers lists and choose something that you think they will find interesting.

Of course, you should always consider getting a gift basket of Libra-themed gifts like a tiny version of scales, mugs, jewellery, tote bags, constellation art etc.

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