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State-of-the-art breast augmentation techniques pave way to positive long-term results.

By Dr Adnan Tahir

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Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 4:09 PM

What gives you confidence? And for those who lack it, what do you feel you need in order to build it? The concept takes on different forms - it may be psychological factors that give them a much-needed boost for some, while others take pride in physical looks. Considering the latter, aesthetic surgery has gained popularity over the years, with both men and women undergoing procedures to look and feel better.

Among women, breast augmentation is one of the popular aesthetics procedures performed today. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), over 3.2 million of these procedures were performed in 2017 worldwide, and around 1.6 million of these were dedicated to augmentation using implants or fat grafting.

Women take pride in their assets, and those with a proportional bust size report increased levels of self-confidence and improved health. Over time, implants have had an evolutionary change in the last few decades with the current sixth generation using ergonomic silicone gel and an outer silicone shell offering a more natural look and feel.

Controversies surrounding implants have further given rise to newer solutions to improve the longevity and aesthetics. These include hybrid breast augmentation and augmentation with internal bra suspension techniques.

Hybrid augmentation

Also known as composite breast augmentation, this enlargement procedure uses both implants and one's own fat obtained through liposuction. The procedure is hugely beneficial for those who have asymmetric, thin breasts, or chest wall deformities such as prominent sternum. Adding fat softens the edges around the implant and gives a much natural look. Another advantage is that one can use small implants in this procedure, hence potentially reducing long-term issues with large implants.

Hybrid breast augmentation further gives the plastic surgeon a chance to sculpt the shape that cannot happen with implants alone, preserves strength and muscle function, removes unwanted fat from the body using liposuction, and delivers outcomes that are not possible with either individual technique of implants or fat grafting.

Patients have to be counselled appropriately and each treatment has to be individualised. However, hybrid techniques increase the price tag compared to implants alone.

Internal bra lift

This technique aims to achieve the results of push-up bra and without scars that are usually associated with traditional bust lift procedures. The process involves wrapping the tissue in the lower pole of the breast with a synthetic mesh. The mesh dissolves over time and is replaced with collagen and scar tissue, which provide long-term results and a lifted look.

This is an ideal option for women with skin laxity and droopy breasts caused by ageing, post-pregnancy and massive weight loss.

In many cases, the internal bra can give such dramatically natural results that breast augmentation and lift alone cannot achieve.

Dr Adnan Tahir is a consultant plastic surgeon in Dubai.

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