Are you diggin'it?

The Saudi brand is bringing its range of male grooming products to the UAE with the message of individuality.

By Rohma Sadaqat

Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 4:41 PM

There is a lot that you can cook up in the kitchen. Steak, cake, and even an idea for a grooming products brand that helps you care for your beard.

"I was living in Saudi Arabia back in 2015, when I decided to start growing and taking care of my beard," recalls Waseem Sendi, founder of Diggn'It. "When I tried to look for products to help me out in the process, I couldn't find any brands locally that could help me with nourishing my beard and skin. My wife and I had noted that there were beard care companies popping up all over the world but not any Arab ones."

The husband and wife duo decided that there was a great business opportunity here, and with their friend and partner, Layal Ismail, a chemical engineer, they started the company right out of their home kitchen. The focus would be on providing traditionally inspired, natural, Arabian male grooming products to help men who wanted to take care of themselves so they may walk out their front door living their vibe.

Five years on, and Sendi says that he is humbled by the feedback that the brand has received. "Our customers love the quality of our products as we use natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives, and they are proud that the brand is authentically homegrown and made to serve them and their needs."

Sendi also pointed out that there is actually a history of male grooming in the Arabian culture. "When creating Diggn'It, we were inspired by the traditions of our ancestors and adapted them so that today's community can have multiple ways to express their individuality while still being proud of their origins."

According to Diggn'It's research, men are interested not just in products, but also in educating themselves on natural ways to care for their skin and hair, and one of Diggn'It's goals is to focus on providing self-care education and tips so that men can have a positive community to explore themselves and share their experiences.

"We are now seeing the market increase its demand for male grooming products, where beard care plays a key role in that acceptance, the beard being one of the most visible male accessories," Sendi said.

Asked about some of the most common problems that men run into when growing a full beard, Sendi said: "Most men assume that the problems associated with growing a beard such as itchiness, dandruff, dryness, patchiness, and acne have no solutions; however, natural oils applied to the skin and hair nourishes facial hair by providing key nutrients such as Vitamin E, making the base of the hair grow healthier."

A healthy lifestyle filled with self-care is a message that all men can benefit from, regardless of how the hair on your face grows, he pointed out. "There is a connection between what you do to take care of your physical appearance and how that reflects on your inner state; and starting with your physical appearance is a lower hanging fruit to get going in creating a positive life for every individual, their families and communities."

Waseem Sendi

Founder of Diggn'It

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