Video: Woman dies in tragic Egypt accident as she speeds against traffic

Dubai - The woman driving the car died in the fiery crash.

By Web Report

Published: Tue 30 Mar 2021, 3:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 Mar 2021, 3:03 PM

Chilling video shows the moment a woman driving against traffic on a highway collides in a fatal accident with a truck.

According to the Arab News, the Suez Traffic Operations Room said it had received a report of a terrible accident on El Galalah road in Egypt on Saturday morning.

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The man taking the video from his car on the opposite side of the road showed that the woman had been driving at speeds of up to 170 kmph by pointing the camera at his own speedometer.

“She is driving against the traffic, and the car that is approaching her is flashing their lights saying ‘What are you doing?’ and she doesn’t even move aside a lane,” the man said.

The video then shows the car exploding on colliding with a truck after missing many vehicles on the road.

The Suez Traffic Operations Room said that upon arriving at the scene, the girl was found dead and her body was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital after the civil protection forces put out the fire.

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