This bulb was installed at Prophet's Mosque 112-years ago

This bulb was installed at Prophets Mosque 112-years ago

Jeddah - That time oil lamps were used for light.

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Published: Mon 13 Jun 2016, 1:48 PM

Last updated: Mon 13 Jun 2016, 5:36 PM

This bulb is as old as the electricity in the Arabian Peninsula.
As per the information inscribed on the bulb, this electric bulb in the Holy Mosque of Madinah is 112 years old. It was installed in 1325 Hijri(Islamic calendar).
According to Arab news, it was between 1265 and 1277Hijri that the construction of the mosque took place under the era of Ottoman ruler Sultan Abdul Majid. That time oil lamps were used for light. It was during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majid that electricity  was introduced and bulb was lit in the mosque of Madinah for the first time on Shaban 25, 1326H.
Between 1370H and 1375H expansion work was undertaken under King Abdul Aziz. It was at this time that a special power station was established for lighting the Holy Mosque of Madinah and the number of bulbs or lamps reached 2,427.
Arab news quotes Mohammad Al-Sayyid Al-Wakeel in his book as saying,

"The Holy Mosque of Madinah," that the mosque was originally lit by palm fronds. When Tameem Al-Dari came from Palestine in 9H, he changed to oil lamps as was narrated by Abu Nuaim referring to Abu Hurairah who said that the one who first lit a lamp in the mosque was Tameem Al-Dari."

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