ICT shaping society: Ericsson

Information and communications technology, or ICT, is powering the evolution of a networked society, Ericsson chief technology officer Ulf Ewaldsson told the audience of ITU Telecom World 2012 in Dubai.

He joined ITU general secretary Dr Hamadoun I. Toure and other industry leaders as part a panel discussion at the ITU Leadership Summit, entitled “Forging the Future”.

The panelists focused on a wide range of industry issues including global interoperability, social responsibility and protection of telecommunications against abuse.

“ICT is driving the evolution of the world as we know it. From being an information-driven society we are fast evolving into what we, at Ericsson, call a networked society,” Ewaldsson said. “We are moving into an age where everything that can be connected will be connected and this is a development that we, in the telecommunications industry, need to lead.”

Ewaldsson added that today, consumers are heavily relying on mobile connectivity in their daily lives. “A recent study shows that around 40 per cent of people in large cities, such as Cairo, use smartphones and rely on mobile information to solve day-to-day issues,” he said.

Ewaldsson is leading a high-level Ericsson delegation to the event, which includes Anders Lindblad, president of Ericsson Middle East, who delivered one of the three “Visionary Keynote” speeches at the event on Tuesday.

Lindblad’s address, entitled “On the Brink of a Networked Society”, focused on the potential of the networked society to connect everything and everyone through mobile communications, broadband technology and the cloud.

His address will also outline the need for partnerships and collaboration throughout the ICT industry and across vertical sectors to realise the benefit of new technologies for people, business and society everywhere.

“The Middle East is one of the fastest evolving Networked Societies we are seeing. This is a direct result of a combined effort by governments who have encouraged a vibrant ICT industry, telecommunications operators who have invested in best-in-class networks and technology leaders who are driving innovation,” Lindblad said.


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