Iraqi ‘Superman’ in quest for peace

Daredevil, risk-taker, reckless, and audacious — well these are just some of the words extreme adventure enthusiasts choose to describe him.

By Moni Mathews

Published: Sat 23 Feb 2013, 12:57 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:54 AM

Dubai-based 33-year-old Iraqi national, Captain Fareed A. Lafta, has a more popular nickname that actually suits the internationally recognised adventurer better – ‘Superman’.

Capt. Fareed during one of his many adventure based activities that has fetched him international recognition over the years. — Supplied photo

Before he embarks on another adventure, right here in Dubai for a change, Khaleej Times caught up with this 24/7 action man during the weekend, thanks to the liaison efforts of his promoters here.

Over the years, he has been hailed as Iraq’s ‘Superman’: a role model for the nation’s youth. He flies, glides, dives and races motorcycles plus many more such activities in his own brand of dare devilish exploits. In all his feats, Captain Fareed has a singular mission — promote peace and greater understanding among countries and cultures. This focus has seen him emerge as a role model for Arab youth and taken him to different countries to preach the concept of unconditional peace.

Awards & Recognitions:

> Shield of Iraqi Parliament - Iraq (2009)

> Shield of Military College - Iraq (2009)

> Prize of Aviation of Iraq (2009)

> Chosen by the Arab Union for Astronomy and

> Space Sciences (AUASS) to represent Arab world and Iraq in space (2009)

> Golden Peace Dove – German diplomacy in Afghanistan (2011)

> World Champion for Peace and Sport - Monaco (2011)

> Goodwill ambassador for Iraqi red crescent (2012)

> Goodwill ambassador for Maysan University (2012)

> Goodwill ambassador for Iraqi Jurists Union (2012)

> Goodwill ambassador for 4th Dimension of media (2012)

> First friend for Iraqi women (2012)

> Guinness World record in Skydiving (2012)Bettmer, 10-Ben Payal, 11-Charles Leweck, 17-Aurelien Joachim.

For Captain Fareed, when it comes to promoting peace, the sky’s the limit.

He has a slew of records to his achievement — the first-ever skydive above Mount Everest, peace jumps over Afghanistan and Iraq, flown to the edge of space, the first Iraqi to go to the North Pole and even dived in the deepest oceans.

Now, he is all set to use his skills and daring for yet another noble cause — promote peace and greater understanding.

On March 2, Fareed will be launching his safest feat yet, an achievement that will be yet another feather in the cap of the UAE’s burgeoning list of Guinness World Records, his devoted team management and support staff said. Fareed and his team will attempt yet another feat — creating the world’s largest peace icon (19 metres by 19 metres) using 1.2 million buttons.

From March 2 to 9, Fareed will embark on this mission at the Burj Plaza, in the Emaar Boulevard, located next to the iconic Dubai Mall. “The UAE is the appropriate place to launch this peace symbol since it has one of the widest mix of cultures and nationalities,” Fareed said.

As a result of his achievements, he has emerged as a role model for young people across the world, even becoming the goodwill ambassador for the Iraqi Red Crescent. “Sport has always been a great vehicle to take a peace message quickly to the masses. We will be working with volunteers and school kids to put together this imaginative concept,” he said.”

The peace symbol will be in the shape of a dove and will be stitched together in the colours of the UAE flag — red, white, green and black.

The event is supported by the Dubai Government, Emaar, Dubai Sports Council, the non-government entity Peace and Sport (Monaco) and the Guinness World Records.

Raised in Baghdad, he left with his family for Dubai at the outbreak of the war in 2003. There he continued a childhood passion for motorcycle racing, quickly turning professional. He also became a scuba diving instructor and started free-diving, achieving a lung-busting depth of 80 metres.

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