UAE employers lagging behind tech-savvy candidates: Study

UAE employers lagging behind tech-savvy candidates: Study

A disconnect between talent and opportunity means UAE employers could be missing out on the best employees.

By Staff Report

Published: Wed 22 Apr 2015, 1:42 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 11:43 PM

Dubai –The results of a new study into UAE’s ‘talent gap’ by LinkedIn, an online professional network have been announced. One of the key findings uncovered was that some employers are still relying on old-fashioned techniques like word-of-mouth to find candidates, while professionals have flocked online and are engaging employers on professional social networks, with word-of-mouth being the least-used channel for job hunters. 

The study sampled 300 employers and 1,500 job seekers in the GCC. At the core of the findings was the stark gap between where employers look for talent and where professionals are looking for jobs. 

Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, MENA, said: “Talent is the number one contributor to company success. This study shows that, while more and more employers are effectively engaging candidates through social media, many aren’t keeping up with the advances in technology and could be missing out on key hires.” 

Most used recruitment channel for employers

Preferred job search method for professionals


Professional social networks (i.e. LinkedIn)

Employer’s own website

Direct contact with employees

Recruitment agency

Job boards


Online search


Recruitment agencies


Newspapers and magazines









This finding comes despite the fact that 100 per cent of UAE employees asked agreed that there was a shortage of talent in the labor market, and that it was hard to find candidates with the required skills and qualifications. More than half of companies included in the survey had lowered the job requirements in order to fill positions, indicating that companies could be making unnecessary sacrifices to productivity and effectiveness. 

LinkedIn Talent Gap Study 2015: Key Findings 

  • Employers are still using traditional recruiting methods to communicate available jobs, while the majority of job-seekers are turning to professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn
  • The majority of employers (70 percent) rely on word-of-mouth to publicize openings, even as the clear trend is for ‘social recruiting’
  • UAE employers responding to the study agreed that is hard to find candidates who possess all the required skills and qualifications
  • 82 percent of job-seekers and professionals have responded that they currently hold jobs that do not match their skills and qualifications 

UAE employers lagging behind tech-savvy candidates: Study

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