TruePosition making a big foray into UAE security services sector

DUBAI – Location determination and intelligence software provider TruePosition is looking into providing security technology in the UAE, thus taking part in making the country an even more secure place to stay, a top official said.

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Published: Sat 25 Sep 2010, 11:07 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 5:17 PM

Brian Varano, TruePosition’s Marketing Director, told Khaleej Times in an interview that the company is primarily looking into the UAE’s public safety and national security sector, which already has a reputation for being one of the best globally.

By offering their services, Varano believes things will only get better.

“How safe is the UAE? I feel very safe here,” he said. “The government has a continuing commitment to make it an even safer place.”

TruePosition started out in the US in the early 1990s providing location software for cellular towers that allows them to find mobile phones. This was very useful in the US especially in tracking calls made to the country’s emergency number — 911 — and it works in any environment.

At present, it has over 75,000 of these in the US tracking tens of millions of calls each year, even having tie-ups with carriers T-Mobile and AT&T to further widen its reach and better promote the importance of this service.

With its technologies, TruePosition only is not able to perform the aforementioned, but it also helps in tracking down of perpetrators of crimes.

TruePosition also gives key focus to its additional resources, and spends $20 to $30 million annually on research and development.

In the UAE — although any of its services have yet to be deployed here — TruePosition sees very good potential both on the use of its technology and the business aspect, given the reputation the country is known for on security.

“We first looked into critical infrastructure [in the UAE]… as well as into transportation hubs, homes and tourist spots,” Varano said.

But it seems the Ministry of Interior had other plans, seeing a better use for TruePositions technology in border security.

“At first they [the UAE government] were interested in the location technology, but they weren’t sure where to use it,” Varano said.

“So the first thing we did was to combine high-accuracy location platform with a very sophisticated data mining system that is able to collect information from the wireless infrastructure itself like calls or messages made and received, if the phone is switched on or off… all of which are time- and data-stamped.”

Varano said that the second thing they presented was the capability of TruePosition’s technology to track down criminals, which he believes is another important aspect of UAE security.

The third technology they presented was geofencing, a technique wherein TruePosition installs a virtual, invisible fence of radio frequency energy around a critical area, which is able to track down unauthorised signals — mobile phones for example — and tracks them down real-time.

Varano said TruePosition was in the UAE some two years ago presenting their technologies. Fast-forward to today, he believes the company is better-armed to make its case in the UAE, with several projects and actual cases having been deployed in several parts of the world that builds up the capabilities of the company’s software.

“We have a lot to offer here in Dubai,” he said. “Interest in safety and security is very high because they [the government] want to make sure that people can travel here and feel very safe.”

An interesting note is Varano saying that TruePosition was sort of “recession-proof”; since the company was not really focused on certain types of markets, its strategy shifted to selling its products to the government, and it worked well.

“Over the recession, [one of] the things that haven’t really diminished were the budgets for security,” he said.

Varano said that with their headquarters Dubai, they see no reason why expansion will not go at a higher pace, given the emirate’s proximity to the entire Middle East and Africa market.

He added that TruePosition is eyeing to deploy some projects before the year-end to show the true and actual capabilities of its technology. “[There is] no decline in the commitment to investment in the UAE,” Varano said. “It is definitely very positive… and a very strong place to do business.”

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