Non-invasive beauty treatments trending

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Non-invasive beauty treatments trending
Nelson Philippe at the Beautyworld Middle East 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Dubai - Today's society placing greater emphasis on the way we present ourselves

By Rohma Sadaqat

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Published: Fri 20 May 2016, 8:01 PM

Last updated: Fri 20 May 2016, 10:06 PM

Beauty-treatment customers today are increasingly opting for treatments that are non-invassive and natural, an official at French beauty brand LPG noted.
Nelson Philippe, business development director at LPG and grandson of the owner, said that the wellness and skin fitness market in the UAE will continue to grow in the coming years.
"We live in a society that is placing a greater emphasis on the way we present ourselves when it comes to health and grooming. In addition to women increasing their spending on beauty treatments in recent years, we have also seen an increase in the men's grooming segment, especially here in the Middle East," he explained.
"The trend that I have noticed today is that people want to look good, but they don't want to look good at any price. People are looking for treatments that are natural and non-invasive, as well as treatments that use organic products and, most importantly, produce results."
Philippe revealed that there is still a clientele that will want to look good at any price, but as a result they often end up looking horrible because they ended up going overboard with the number and different types of treatments that they chose.
"There is another type of clientele that will only end up spending on cosmetics, but that is a superficial fix. So, what do you have in the middle? Our positioning as a brand is that we are your third option, between what is too aggressive, and what is too ineffective. People today want to look more younger, fresher, and more natural. We provide a service that no one will know about, but everyone will notice about your look, as I am fond of telling our customers. Our treatments are non-invasive and painless so you don't have to go to extreme methods to see results," he said.
Proven by more than 130 scientific studies, Endermologie is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG. It reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by stimulating the skin with the mechano-stimulation, patented technology of LPG. Quick visible results can be seen after a minimum of six sessions of LPG Endermologie body treatments.
The treatments can be tailored according to a customer's body type, and include the Lipomassage Total Care Treatment; LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment; LPG Draining Treatment - Aqueous Cellulite; and LPG Firming and Contouring Treatment. Experts at the LPG centres are quick to advise customers to pair the LPG treatments with regular exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, pilates, along with eating whole healthy organic fruits and vegetables and drinking warm lemon water and green tea.
"We are very honest with our customers when it comes to our treatments, and the results that will be produced," stressed Philippe. "We tell them that fitness is a lifestyle and that if they are overweight and don't lead an active and healthy lifestyle, they we only see minimal results with our treatments. We encourage them to embrace a healthier lifestyle for the best results."

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