The Devialet Phantom speaker range at the b8ta store in The Dubai Mall.
The Devialet Phantom speaker range at the b8ta store in The Dubai Mall.

Got Dh10K? Sounds good to splurge on a wireless speaker

Dubai - Devialet's Phantom audio machines promise high fidelity and premium audio

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Sun 20 Dec 2020, 10:12 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Dec 2020, 10:13 PM

If you’re an audiophile, it’s a given you’d have some high-end sound equipment. So with maybe you’d want to ‘listen’ to what this French company has to pitch (pun intended) to you.

Devialet, a Paris-headquartered audio technology firm, is offering one of the most expensive — if not the most expensive — speakers in its class, the Phantom series, a wireless Bluetooth audio device that it promises will ‘challenge everything you know about sound’ experience.

The Phantom comes in three variants: The Reactor, an ultra-impact system; the Classic Phantom, with high fidelity and ultra-dense sound; and the Gold Phantom, the ‘ultimate’ connected speaker with all of the features of the previous two and a Grade-1 titanium tweeter for good measure.

And yes, it’s going to set you back quite a lot compared to your usual Bluetooth speakers: They clock in at Dh4,699, Dh7,610 and Dh10,800, respectively.

Devialet’s exclusive distributor in the UAE is Dubai Audio, which was founded by Amir Anwar. And if you’re interested in a test run, you can head over to the b8ta Store at The Dubai Mall, where they’ve set up what they call The Framery, a sound-proof booth that houses all the Phantom speakers.

“The experience is guaranteed to set your senses tingling as you immerse yourself in pure sound and implosive bass that spark your body and mind,” it says.

Khaleej Times was recently able to test out the Devialet speakers, and the results were explosive, to say the least: Sounds from the various Phantoms blasted out like being in a concert up close and personal.

But despite the cramped space, the powerful, loud sound wasn’t irritating to the ears, showing that the technology behind them has been delicately constructed for listening pleasure no matter where it is placed.

And while indeed priced at a premium, it’s still value for money for the power and entertainment it brings, said Ramit Harisinghani, general manager of b8ta Mena.

The b8ta store in The Dubai Mall is also the first b8ta branch outside the United States, and for good reason: Its premium products — some of which are either hard to find or exclusive altogether — are a perfect fit for the affluent and tech-savvy populace of the UAE, especially Dubai in particular.


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