Dubai Economy launches updated version of IP Gateway

The portal will demonstrate increased speed and efficiency in processing cases
The portal will demonstrate increased speed and efficiency in processing cases

Dubai - Smart channel offering services in five languages comes with an upgraded user experience and improved efficiencies in resolving intellectual property infringement issues


A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 28 Dec 2020, 6:27 PM

Last updated: Mon 28 Dec 2020, 6:29 PM

The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector, in Dubai Economy has launched an updated version of its ‘IP Gateway,’ the online portal for obtaining services related to cases on infringement of trademark and commercial agencies.

The IP Gateway is part of the efforts of Dubai Economy to enhance business competitiveness in Dubai and extend 24/7 intellectual property (IP) protection services to trademark owners and commercial agencies anywhere in the world without having to visit any service centre. The updated portal, which is accessible on the website and can be downloaded as a smart application from the Apple, Google, or Huawei stores, offers its services in five languages: Arabic, English, Japanese, French, and Italian. All IP Gateway transactions are completed smartly without the need for customers to visit Dubai Economy.

The latest version of the portal has a set of improvements and advanced features aimed to bring further value addition and satisfaction to customers. The portal will demonstrate increased speed and efficiency in processing cases submitted and will keep an automated report of all cases closed for the benefit of customers.

Dubai Economy encourages owners of trademarks, IP, and commercial agencies in the UAE to register on the IP Gateway and ensure the protection of their rights. The new-look portal has also made navigation easier and resolved user concerns that were reported earlier. Dubai Economy conducted a detailed analysis of the portal and customer feedback received, as well as best practices to align it with the objectives and interests of the all parties concerned.

Ahmad Alroum AlMuhairi, senior Mmnager of Trademark & Commercial Agencies Dispute in CCCP, said: “The Intellectual Property Protection Department in the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector in Dubai Economy strives to protect the rights of IP owners in Dubai through the IP Gateway, which is the first-of-its-kind anywhere in the world. We are keen to ensure the success of IP rights owners in Dubai and fulfil their aspirations. The new enhancements on the IP Gateway were developed based on the TRADE best practice benchmarking methodology, which is in line with the directions of the Government of Dubai to meet and surpass customer needs.”

AlMuhairi stressed that opinions and suggestions of IP owners and their representatives will be appropriately factored in developing and improving the business environment in Dubai. Dubai Economy has a set of standards to evaluate customer satisfaction on each of its service and protect their rights.

“Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the IP Property Protection Department was able to provide all of its services round the clock through its smart channels and also do necessary follow up before resolving any issue without any inconvenience for customers. This reflects the focus of Dubai Economy in achieving the goals, directives and vision of the Government of Dubai,” concluded AlMuhairi.

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