Dr Zulekha honoured

DUBAI — Dr Zulekha Daud, managing director Zulekha Healthcare Group was awarded Gr8 Women Award for her outstanding contribution in healthcare industry, at Madinat Jumairah Hotel, Dubai on February 7, in a glittering ceremony attended by Gr8 women leaders of Gulf, Asia and bollywood

On receiving this award Dr Zulekha said: “My motto in life has been very simple. I do my best and let the rest finds its place. I am flexible in my progress. I am open to new ideas. I appreciate growth and I admire humility.

I think the biggest success comes when we allow ourselves to be large enough to accept when we have been wrong. To move forward with learning is better than only moving forward and not understanding the lessons along the way. Times change, circumstances change, people change — how you change with these changes is what makes or breaks you.

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