Danube Home launches new TBK e-catalogue for 2021

The new Danube Home TBK e-catalogue also features an expanded selection of products from Danube’s in-house brand - Milano
The new Danube Home TBK e-catalogue also features an expanded selection of products from Danube’s in-house brand - Milano

Rohma Sadaqat

Published: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 7:31 PM

Last updated: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 7:38 PM

Danube Home on Tuesday announced the launch of their all-new Tiles, Bathroom, and Kitchen (TBK) e-catalogue for 2021, which builds on the brand’s existing portfolio of home products and expands to include some of the latest trends in the industry.

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From indoor and outdoor furniture to décor, soft furnishing and so much more, Danube Home has curated a vast portfolio of products that enhance the lifestyle of customers across the UAE. Now with their latest offering in the bath wares, tiles, and kitchen category, Danube Home encourages customers to experience living at its finest. The TBK e-catalogue is available in a user-friendly, digital format allowing customers to explore their diverse product range on any device they prefer.

Speaking at the launch event, group managing director, Adel Sajan, said that the Covid-19 pandemic had disrupted many industries, including the home design sector, but also created several opportunities with customers. “As we all know, the home segment has seen a big upswing in the market during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. With a lot of people working from home, we thought that it was high time that we highlight our TBK sector. You will see a lot of new colours and trends that are all designed for a person to enjoy their time at home.”

“Oftentimes, bathrooms are the most neglected space in a home, and kitchens do not get much attention too in terms of design,” he added. “With our new collection, we want our customers to explore the vast design potential that these functional spaces hold. From creating luxurious bathrooms, to cleverly using tiles to make an interior design statement, to choosing completely customisable kitchen fittings designed to cater to specific customer needs, our TBK e-catalogue 2021 has it all.”

Looking back at the journey of Danube Home, Sajan noted that much of the success of the company was thanks to the company’s Milano brand. He also noted how Danube was one of the first companies to bring an “unorganised sector in this region in an organised way.”

“We identified a vacuum in the market that we were certain we could fill, and this is why Danube Home is one of the fastest growing retailers in the region,” he said. “Most of our shops have their own identity, yet all of them are tuned into what customers are looking for.”

He also highlighted several other topics that are going to be key for the company in the coming years such as e-commerce and hybrid retail. “We all know that e-commerce is booming, especially in this part of the region, and we want to take the first step to become the largest e-commerce player in the home segment. We want to grow our e-commerce business by 10X in the next six years. People are still hesitant to actually go and purchase items such as kitchen and bathroom tiles online, but we want to change that and tech will play a big role in this mission.”

“It is just a matter of time that the technology will evolve to a point where what you may think is difficult today, will be not be so,” he added. “Our thought is that rather than us being replaced by someone else, why not be a maker of change in the market. We already have technologies where, when you put your phone camera up to capture a wall, it will immediately change your background to a tile or new design. This is the technology today, just imagine what more we can see when it is scaled up.”

Customisation is another segment that the company has set its sights on, Sajan said. “We are working very hard to somehow bring customisation online. We are looking at a hybrid model where you can be sitting at home and thinking of changing your kitchen; all you have to do is map your kitchen and send us the measurements; we send samples to your home for you to try out and finalise what works.”

Shubhojit Mahalnobis, director of Danube Home and Hospitality Solutions, also revealed that the company was looking very closely at new smart technologies and how they are impacting the home segment such as smart sensors and the Internet of Things. He explained that there are a lot of use cases today where smart home apps are being used to control actions such as lighting, security, and air conditioning in a home. He noted that Danube is looking very closely at incorporating the smart home segment in its stores.

The new Danube Home TBK e-catalogue also features an expanded selection of products from Danube’s in-house brand - Milano.

“Milano has introduced a spectacular bath-ware, tiles, and kitchen collection that can convert the most basic bathrooms and kitchens into stunning yet functional spaces in your home. We also have a wide range of innovative products like our air coolers, mist fans, water purifiers, water heaters and so much more. The e-catalogue also contains our latest offering in hardware, doors, door locks, and safes too,” said Shams Bawany, director of Milano.

Danube Home has also introduced a free bathroom interior designing service in their showroom using a tool that they have developed. Using this tool customers can pick and choose the products they like and visualize how these products will look in the bathroom they design and even get an estimate of the cost as well.

“Tiles have grown to become a very important and noteworthy aspect of design in most modern homes. With a little creativity, tiles can be used to create the most iconic interior looks, not just on the floor of a home but on the walls in different areas in a home, in outdoor spaces, and even pool sides. Our latest tiles collection consists of the most spectacular designs and styles split into different categories like Islabz which is the largest man-made tile, granite, and marble tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, and outdoor tiles designed specifically to enhance the look of outdoor spaces,” said Venkatesan Sethuraman, EVP of the Tiles Division.


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