'Building' the right approach for an energised way of living


Building the right approach for an energised way of living
Pooja Srivastav believes it's important to learn how the business idea can win venture capital or crowdfunding.

Dubai - Don't stress out; holistic well-being starts where you live and work

By Muhammad Riaz Usman
 The She Factor

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Published: Sat 29 Jun 2019, 5:40 PM

Last updated: Sat 29 Jun 2019, 10:58 PM

Pooja Srivastav, CEO and chief energising officer of Shreem International Consultancy, was enjoying a successful career in corporate sector until a personal crisis hit home when her sister fell sick a few years ago.
Shuttling between India and the UAE, she searched for the real causes behind her sister's ill health looking for a holistic approach that would assist with her treatment.
While in India, she eventually connected with Dr Mannem Murthy, former Indian nuclear scientist, who taught her about the holistic, yet scientific solutions for her sister's well-being.
"I learned that suppression of ailments is not the answer; instead we have to identify the root cause and heal that for complete solution," Pooja explains.
Armed with this knowledge, Pooja set up Shreem International Consultancy four years ago, becoming a pioneer in bringing energy solutions to Dubai.
"One of our aims is to convey the message of World Health Organisation that certain 'buildings make us sick' or what is known as Sick Building Syndrome. This is due to certain electromagnetic rays and geopathic stress, which have a negative impact on our physical and mental well-being. Through our company's lifestyle division, we have been providing holistic and scientific answers to our clients who are now able to understand how wellness depends on structures, both workplace and home," says the electromagnetic radiation expert.
With experience spanning over several years, Pooja uses her expertise to train and educate people to free themselves from geopathic stress in different spaces including homes, factories and industries, across the globe. Her radiation solutions have helped hundreds of people root out negativity from their lives and instill positivity through scientific and practical methods. She is a firm believer in practising body and mind energies and conducts several workshops, interactive talks and corporate sessions to impart the knowledge.
"Corporates and individual homeowners or business owners in UAE are consciously aware of the importance of energy balance in self and structures [homes and offices]. They consult us to balance the structures they live in and we integrate holistic designs, five senses and five elements with the knowledge of electromagnetic mitigation and geopathic stress rectification. We also give them the holistic and scientific solutions for their structures," Pooja elaborates.
"The growing interest among people to live in healthy, toxin-free buildings is certainly encouraging and we are happy to convey the knowledge of self-care with energy. It's great to see that people are gradually understanding the importance of living in structures which are mitigated for electromagnetic or geopathic stress rectification. This is very much in line with UAE Vision 2021 for sustainable environment and infrastructure," she adds.
"To create toxin-free buildings, while planning a building or a residential complex township, we list all probable equipment or appliances emitting electromagnetic radiations, in order of danger or priority. We then identify the rectification spots and check the land for geopathic stress lines or the distortion of the earth's natural electromagnetic field," Pooja elaborates.
As a building biologist Pooja advises building contractors on the science of the plot in terms of what is healthy or what is not.
"I also guide them on exposure guidelines for electric fields with the simple analysis that our body exposure to such fields is recommended in the measure of 10 to 100MV. Unfortunately, we are absorbing radiation more than 1000MV. The best way to reduce geopathic stress is the use of geopathic rods [neutralising rods], which are positioned by geopathic consultants at specific points of the home/villa/structures," she says.
Pooja says the UAE startup environment is a great place to invest and grow.
"I began my business journey here. I have invested and the organisation has grown. There are several platforms for further progress and expansion and we are open to investors, crowdfunding or venture capital - we look forward for more information in these areas to position our growth," she says.
Pooja says the UAE is a great place where innovation can flourish, and it is important to invest in a good support structure in terms of employees for consistency in growth.
"While it's important to follow your dream, it's also important to learn how the business idea can win venture capital or crowdfunding for the consistent growth avenues of the business," she advises.
Describing her expansion and growth strategy Pooja says: "The present expansion is a process - first we educated the market, then we drew our customer focus on how lifestyle matters impacts on good health."
"Now we are focusing on bringing in more technology which will help masses to grow with this knowledge. Our solutions continue to be plant-based and earth minerals as powders or essential oils and we continue to impart holistic solutions which answers geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress in children, adults, trees and pets as well as all structures," she says.
We look forward to conveying this knowledge to various platforms in government and corporate sector - when this happens, we can say growth has taken place," she concludes.
A Web of opportunities
Pooja believes that technology is the need of the hour, so long as it's used wisely and in an eco-friendly manner.
"We do make use of social media since online presence makes a huge difference in spreading our message to masses. We also ensure continuous presence through web-portals and other platforms," Pooja says.
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