8 tips to capture great Christmas photos in Dubai

8 tips to capture great Christmas photos in Dubai
Lighting and focus are some of the things you need to keep in mind when taking photos.

Dubai - From a snap of a beautifully-decorated place to time-lapse videos, here are things you need to remember.

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Published: Tue 25 Dec 2018, 2:32 PM

Christmas is mere hours away, but the celebrations have long begun. It's one of those occasions in which you can see and feel it everywhere, thanks to the decors we see all around, the greetings we give to each other, the parties and meals shared and, of course, the presents we send and receive.
Our smartphones are our companion here, ready to capture those moments. Debbie Fortes, a Dubai-based photographer who wields the iPhone XR, shares eight of her tips to get those "merry" shots.

Light up your shots: With all the sparkling lights, taking photos during Christmas means taking advantage of the natural and intimate moments available in every corner of the season. Your flash can do wonders, but using natural light when possible is always a great idea. This will allow you to highlight all the details in better lighting, giving your images that natural look and feel.

Focus on your subject: Before you snap away, take a precious little moment to focus on your subject by tapping on it until your camera locks in; the result will be crisper, avoiding any blur in the process. And also, don't overcrowd your shot; it would take away the impact.
Capture portraits of your loved ones: Fun and cosy portraits are a staple on occasions like this. Try to experiment with candles for a warmer background. After taking your shot, try adjusting the depth of field effect to give it more drama.

Animate it: Sending a selfie or recording using Memoji can spice things up; it adds another layer of creativity, plus can also reflect the mood of your day.

Look for different angles: You can get artistic shots by experimenting with different angles. For example, when photographing children (or pets), you need to go down to their level to capture all of the details.

Incorporate local landmarks: Get some recognisable landmarks in your shot to establish your theme and location. And since we're in Dubai, why not get the Burj Khalifa into your shot to highlight what Christmas feels like around here?
Use time-lapse for that special moment: Unwrapping gifts? First to get that slice of pudding? Capture those moments with time-lapse videos. Works best when using a tripod; you will want to see how your kids react when they finally see what you got for them.

Let it sparkle: Third-party apps are a good way to enhance your shots. Try kirakira+;it makes your lights sparkle or adds a soft glow effect for a more dramatic feel.
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