Why yoga has gained more popularity post-pandemic

Dubai-based yoga instructor Chandnee Kaurani tells us what may have sparked this rise

By Laraib Anwar

Published: Thu 13 Oct 2022, 10:03 PM

As the pandemic rolled into our lives, so did the yoga mats, onto our floors. From hectic schedules and socialisation, people’s lives flipped into a dichotomy of isolation, with endless time at our hands and in our minds. Entering into the world of yoga and wellness became a universal journey for many, as they started seeking peace among the chaos.

Originally hailing from Mumbai, Chandnee Kaurani, a yoga teacher, sound healer, and wellness instructor based in Dubai gives her insight into the growing push towards yoga in the post-pandemic world, as she sees a rapidly growing yoga community in the city.

When and how did your yoga journey start?

I have been into yoga for the last twelve years, and have been in Dubai for seven years teaching different styles of yoga and meditation. I started yoga during my teens when I was 14 or 15 since my grandfather was into it and it was something that ran in the family. Soon I realised that it had become a regular schedule for me and proved to be fruitful during my teenage years. I studied business in Bombay, and felt like I wanted to get more into the healing aspect of yoga, so I did Reiki at the age of 18 and became a Reiki master, after which I went on to doing my postgraduation in yoga too. In the last 12 years, every year I have been doing a different yoga and wellness course like yoga therapy and much more. There’s so much to learn out there and grow.

Why do you think there is an increase in people seeking yoga in today’s day and age?

I think it is majorly due to awareness. I’ve been in Dubai for about seven years and I’m so happy to be here because the community is amazing. There’s a lot of awareness, with the number of studios and teachers coming in. And events that include yoga like Dubai 30x30 is one of the best ways for people to know what yoga is and attend a class. It is a fast-paced city so I guess people are also going through different levels of stress and pressures and yoga is one of the easiest options of relaxing, that is why I think it is available everywhere here.

How do you think the pandemic has led to people following a more mindful lifestyle?

One aspect was the fear of being sick or being unhealthy because when the pandemic happened it ultimately came down to one’s immunity and everyone wanted to make sure to keep that up. Second reason I believe were the online sessions that were available, and it became so easy to connect with each other. This is how I feel meditation classes became so popular among people and since people needed mindfulness and calmness due to the havoc that this storm caused, many got into healing. Whether people were living with their families, or away from them, stress was a major aspect in most of their lives, for which they needed a cure.

How important do you think is mindfulness in a person’s life?

It is very important according to me because I have been on both the sides. I started off as a teenager who was not mindful and as I shifted onto the other side, I became more aware. This way I feel better and feel like I am getting more out of my life. Apart from yoga, I also do a lot of other things work wise in which I have more focus and concentration. Awareness itself is a blessing, and sometimes when you are aware, you become aware of too many things at the same time. So being mindful about certain things is great for people but not being aware could also be taken as ‘ignorance is bliss’ by others. For me though, mindfulness has been everything and if people practise it in their daily lives, it is bound to lead to many positive changes.


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