Spray it on

Spray it on

Hollywood’s favourite pre-party ritual, the Intraceutical facial proves to be a cool blast

By Ambica Sachin (city Times Editor)

Published: Fri 13 Feb 2015, 11:51 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 9:51 PM

Naomi Campbell is a fan. So are Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Eva Longoria and Preity Zinta too swear by it. We are talking about the Intraceutical facial treatments that are the rage with celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood resorting to it ahead of walking the red carpet. Now you can try out this non surgical treatment which promises to “nourish, uplift and whiten ones skin in just a few minutes.”

The treatment available at Bionix Body Designers, targets four different skin issues and can help rejuvenate, whiten, reduce the appearance of fine lines and clear blemish spots. Since we were not keen on appearing more Michael Jackson than the late pop star himself, and also harbouring a phobia towards all the ‘Fair & Lovely’ effect that seems to have taken over our world of late, we decide to try out the rejuvenation session. With years of neglect and sun burn adding to our skin’s woes this was one treatment our face would lap up.

When a mid-size machine was wheeled into the room, we admit we were a bit intimidated but our therapist Maria put us at ease by running us through the treatment and even sampling a bit of the oxygen spray onto our hand to get us acclimatised to what was to come.

The next 45 minutes went by in a breeze. The face is cleansed with a quick dab followed by a controlled blast of oxygen mixed with a special rejuvenation serum (fed into the nozzle held by the therapist) onto each section of the face.

The therapist specially concentrates on the eye and the mouth area to tackle fine lines, places where signs of premature ageing are more visible. Before you know it the oxygen facial is over, when the serum is completely used up. This is followed by the application of a rejuvenation cream and a light lotion that seals it all in. 

A quick glance into the mirror reveals a suitably fresher, more hydrated and plumped up skin, the effects of which are seen for a few days.

Bionics Body Designing Clinic is located in Falcon Building, Al Mina Road. Call 04 352 0705.

PROS: Painless, quick and immediate results. While experts usually recommend a series of six sessions before any lasting changes can be visible, we came away from the treatment with a plumped up face that radiated hydration in stark contrast to the sun-kissed dry skin with which we entered the building.

CONS: The location: While the directions were impeccable, walking into a quiet building to find the Bionix Body Designers proved to be a little eerie. We also would have liked a more detailed assessment of our skin before hopping on to the table for what proved to be the quickest 45 minutes of our life!

CT Verdict: Definitely a treatment worth a try, especially for the time pressed Dubai resident. The fact that it is painless and involves oxygen being sprayed onto your face is a plus. Immediate results with minimum fuss always get our vote though at Dhs1500 for a single session, it is pricey.



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