How to turn your social media page into a business

How to turn your social media page into a business

If you follow these five tips, you're sure to be starting in the right direction.

By Alii Muhammad

Published: Fri 16 Aug 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 16 Aug 2019, 3:00 PM

In a world where social media is on the rise, Instagram is at the forefront of it all. Being one of the most downloaded apps on the circuit - from brunch pictures to gym workouts, there's nothing that you can't find on the 'gram. In today's day and age, Instagram is no longer just a platform to share your everyday life, but a place where you can generate an income! The best part is, although it may sound hard and unattainable, if you follow these five tips, you're sure to be starting in the right direction.
1) Three levels down
The first step you need to take is the most important one. It is to pick a niche for the content you want to create. Selecting a niche is important because if you try and cater to everyone, your overall marketing and message won't reach out to anyone. Therefore, it is very important to have a targeted niche so you can reach out to your audience in a certain way. You can achieve this by doing something I like to call 'three levels down'. Let's say the content you want to create and the niche you want to focus on is fashion. Now, fashion being the first level is still too broad to be a niche, levelling it down would be menswear and taking it a step further down would be, for example, either suits or street wear, depending on which style you personally like more. This way you will be speaking to a direct demographic and market.
2) Passion comes first
A lot of people aspire to become social media influencers or content creators solely because they see an opportunity to gain followers, get fame or make money. All these points are secondary and come as a bonus. Being passionate while creating content will help you navigate the kind of images you want and help you find your niche. Being active on social media isn't a daily 9-5 job, but it is something that will consume you 24x7.
3) Perseverance is key
One of the contributing factors to make your Instagram page into a business is also to have a good number of followers. One of the most stable, steady and organic way to gain a healthy following is to stay consistent and active with your page. Posting at least one image everyday within your niche can help you achieve this and being active on your Instagram stories is a bonus too. However, there will be a time when you will feel you've been doing almost everything to stay active - posting great images every day and engaging with your followers and you're yet to see any ROI (return on investment). This is when you have to keep pushing yourself further.
4) Collaborate with start-ups and others.
Once you feel you've worked on your content enough and established your page, reach out to collaborate with domestic brands, or start-up companies. For instance, having a niche in menswear-sophisticated fashion, I created content for start-ups. This helped me create a portfolio to show bigger established brands and companies what I was capable of, which encouraged them to work with me.
Working with a set number of clients will aid making your Instagram page into a business. This isn't something that can be accomplished overnight - you will have to be patient and one thing will lead to another. Just like a snowball effect.
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