How the 2022 Nissan Patrol NISMO fares on the road

The lowdown on the motorsport-inspired monster

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By George Kuruvilla

Published: Thu 4 Aug 2022, 7:58 PM

In the land of sun and sand, where the SUV is the transportation of choice for off-roading, office commutes and for rounding up the peeps for a cup of karak, the Nissan Patrol is one of two names that stand out. The Japanese manufacturer’s halo vehicle has been a road companion in the region for about 70 years, serving families — small and large — without compromise.

But by way of its own popularity, some owners have felt a loss of identity. So, to create a distinction, they have rolled out the Nissan Patrol NISMO. As some of you may have guessed, NISMO is a portmanteau of the words ‘Nissan’ and ‘Motorsports International’. And hence, it is no surprise that this new iteration includes motorsport-inspired mods in and out and under the hood. That being said, is the 50k premium over the top-spec V8 variant’s already-lofty price tag justified or is there some convincing needed? Here’s our word on the matter!

Design & Aesthetics

The Patrol Y62 is a mountain of vehicle. Its metallic body spans over 5.3 metres in length. It stands 2 metres tall and is just about as wide. It is a visual force to be reckoned with and can be an intimidating sight to see in your rear view mirror.

With the NISMO, Nissan has done to the Patrol what sportscar manufacturers do to their wheeled creations. The whole meaner and hunkered down look may seem counterintuitive for a behemoth of an SUV, but somehow works. And the proof is in the eyes of the people who stared my way, every time I pulled into a mall parking or got stalled in intercity traffic. Lustful eyes, everywhere!

To go with the angular light fixtures of the facelifted model, the Patrol NISMO adds a bold V-motion dark chrome grille and glossy black mesh that hangs lower than the standard front bumper. And that lowering effect is visible in the side skirting and rear bumper as well, which has a F1-inspired LED fog lamp at the bottom. There is also a NISMO red line which wraps around the whole car that ties everything together. All props to the designers, this rendition is a tasteful one!

That’s not it! The NISMO pack also adds a roof spoiler, roof rails, dark chrome handles, dual exhaust finishing, mudguards, etc. And because it is designed more for the road, it has been equipped with beautiful, oversized dual-tone 22-inch wheels which are 4.5 kgs lighter than the 20-inch variety on the regular V8.

Climbing aboard is like scaling a mountain. While the commanding ride height has its benefits, older folk will find it a tad challenging even with the sidestep and grab handles. Also, getting your toddler into a child seat can be a task. But once in, you hear no complaints! There is a sea of space between passengers, satisfying social distancing trends with ease.

Inside, it’s an emphatic dark-themed cabin with a dual-tone scheme in red and black. The overly round motifs of the doors and dash trims; and the sail-shaped air vents seem a little dated, but the good news is that all the surfaces are soft to touch and have a quality feel. The seats are upholstered in Alcantara and leather combination and are comfy for all sizes and shapes. The 3rd row, however, can be congested for adults, but pre-teens will thrive.

The chunky steering wheel — one that can be electronically adjusted for rake and reach — is fit for a sports car and is great to grip. It combines with a good seating position and visibility, making it make it relatively easy to steer in the slower parts of town.

The driver and passenger are split between a carbon-fibre trimmed centre console, with an aptly-sized 12.3-inch HD screen perched above it (ditching the superfluous dual-screen setup of the 2021 YM). There is also a huge central bin which can refrigerate drinks with the touch of a button. The screen as such is reasonably responsive and comes with a USB port and wireless charging plate. You can also hook up your phone and stream audio through the high fidelity 13-speaker Bose system via Bluetooth. And for the folks behind there are two 10.1-inch screens with a screen-mirroring facility.

Power & Performance

Unlike other special editions by other manufacturers, Nissan’s trained craftsmen, the Takumi, have actually reworked the mechanical bits also. The 5.6-litre V8 engine (now comes with a red-painted cover) and generates a wholesome 428 bhp, some 28 horses more than the regular V8. While max. torque remains a strong 560 Nm.

Expectedly, there is no dearth of power! Despite being a 2.6-plus ton truck with an estate profile, you don’t feel held back at any point. Give it the juice and it won’t refuse. It will run from zero into the triple digit territory in about the same time as a zippy Golf GTI does, and it shows equal enthusiasm for overtaking manoeuvres at highway speeds as well. Stopping power comes courtesy of powerful disc brakes with 4-piston and 2-piston setup (front & rear). While brake pedal calibration is spot on, be wary of its mass and give it the space required.

To advance its handling abilities, this Patrol comes with Bilstein shock absorbers that reduce body roll and improve road holding significantly. Amongst its peers, the likes of the LC300 and Chevrolet Tahoe, it just maybe the best suited for race tactics, but again, the reverence for the NISMO title must come along with that for the laws of physics as well. More importantly, the ride comfort remains cushy at all times, keeping long commutes fuss-free.

As heavy and enormous as the Y62 Patrol is, it is a very capable off roader even with the V6 motor, thanks to the generous ground clearance, approach, and departure angles; and off-road necessities like the low ratio gearbox, offroad driving modes and a differential lock. But if you wish to take this into the deeper desert, consider swapping the stock bumpers and the wheels/tyres for something more appropriate.

Any gripes? Yes! Being a NISMO product, they could have included launch control and dedicated Sport and maybe even a Track mode.

Features & Practicality

The Patrol NISMO is not cheap to run, averaging just 5 to 6 km/l. The fuel tank is large and can hold up to 140 litres, which translates to around 800 kms of range. And filling it up to the brim will cost you in excess of Dh500, going by the current prices. Also, judging by the economy and emissions, this Patrol has a huge carbon footprint, but it all makes sense if you have a large family or furniture to haul. This way you can still make those long excursions to Oman with a clear conscience. And while doing so, you can also utilise its rear pintle hook to tow as much as 2,000 kg.

It is also capable of swallowing large volumes of luggage, in excess of 2,500 litres with all the seats dropped down.

While the summer sun has us soaked or roasted, this Nissan, like all others, does a great job of cooling the cabin. There is a multizone climate control with plenty of vents to keep you comfy. And temperature-controlled seats too.

As for safety, just reading the exhaustive list of features, one that includes a 360-degree camera, all sorts of intelligent lane and collision warning systems, sensors and TPMS give you and your family a sense of surety. I suggest you do the same.


The 2022 Nissan Patrol NISMO is a city slicker’s dream SUV who is drawn to the legendary Patrol name and has an itch for speed and go-fast mods to go with the assets of space and practicality. It’s not a track weapon by any means but can be capable dune basher with a few right modifications. And going by today’s inflated prices, the seemingly hefty price tag seems well worth it. Just make sure you offset that carbon footprint by moving family or furniture at every given opportunity.

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