Home Decor: 11 creative entryway ideas you need to know

We asked the experts for their advice on creating a entrance perfect for your here and now

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 18 May 2023, 7:36 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 May 2023, 7:37 PM

Modern entryway ideas should be all about ‘less is more’ – largely because this part of the house often doesn’t have that much space to play with.

Sticking with the modernist mantra will not only keep your entryway ideas feeling cool, clean and stylish, but paring things back will help with this potentially pokey space feel open and bright – exactly the kind of entrance you’ll want for your modern home décor ideas.

From modern entryway table ideas to sophisticated neutrals and even glass walls, we’ve put together some stunning modern entryway ideas, and asked the experts for their advice on creating a entrance perfect for your here and now.

Let your staircase stand out

Just a means of getting from floor A to floor B, staircases are once more being seen as architectural signatures. When considering what looks good in an entryway, decor items and paint need not be the only focus. A sculptural staircase that doubles as a work of art is becoming the must-have detail and the revival of craftsmanship has refuelled an interest in this domestic feature.

Display art with clever framing

Whether you’re drawn to gallery wall ideas or more traditional ways of hanging pieces, art will enliven a small entryway and set the tone for the home. The right frame can transform a picture and is critical to the overall feel of the artwork.

Make your space truly unique

A modern entryway is the perfect place to make a statement and showcase your unique style.

‘One-off unique pieces create interest in awkward or small spaces, A strong piece of modern art is also a great way to draw focus to a space – often you need little else to bring life to the walls and it can create a talking point in a spot like an entryway where you pause to greet someone.’

Black versus white

Play with black and white marble for the flooring, to get that breathtaking look as you enter the house.

Invest in a bespoke-built sculptural staircase

Designing a staircase for a modern entryway might seem like a mountain of a job but the upheaval can be worth it. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely not a simple endeavour: you’ll almost certainly need professional help and it will be an investment. But what it does do is offer the opportunity to completely alter your home’s entrance, potentially turning it into an enviably striking one. Changing the staircase can improve a bad layout and turn a standard interior into something stunning.

Set the scene with ethereal white

White room ideas are the simplest of colours making them perfect for a modern entryway. 'White represents purity, innocence and new beginnings, as well as cleanliness and clarity,'. 'It can be used everywhere in the home but is very successful in an entryway where you want to create order and with little distraction.' A white entryway is also the ideal foil for a piece of statement furniture or art.

Create a link

A modern entryway with glazed internal doors doesn’t have to be confined to ground level – it can be just as effective at a higher level as a means of connecting two spaces. A dedicated lift serving this penthouse apartment now opens into a glass-framed entryway leading to a landscaped roof garden. the divide between indoors and outdoors is further blurred through the use of marble flooring in a bespoke design and the decision to expose the original brickwork that spans the space.

Make your foyer functional

Foyers often get completely lost in piles of coats, shoes, and backpacks.

So, to help keep clutter to a minimum, try to think of everything you want to keep in the entryway and then decide what kind of storage options you’ll need.

A decorative dresser can be a beautiful addition to your foyer decor — and it has the bonus benefit of extra storage space!

Don’t forget a mirror

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to the foyer. Not only do they brighten and lighten an often-dark space, they make it easy to take a quick look at your makeup and hair before you head out the door!

Here are a few beautiful ways to add a mirror to your entry

Provide a spot to sit

Another thing I love to include in the foyer is some type of seating so guests can sit while they remove their shoes or boots.

Folding stools or upholstered cubes, like the ones shown below, provide the perfect seating solution in a small entryway or modern foyer design.

Add some personality

When thinking of foyer decor, add in the colours, patterns, or styles you love and that reflect your personality. Find modern entryway art, accents, photos, and furniture that speak to you and express the look and feeling you want your home to convey. Each of the beautiful entryways below has a completely different aesthetic, but they all give you a clear idea of the style and personality of the rest of the house.

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