5 home decor tips to prepare your home for Eid Al Adha

Let your home reflect your personality

By Sulin Sugathan

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Published: Thu 6 Jun 2024, 7:41 PM

Homes stand out to make an impression when the interior designs are custom-crafted to express personal styles. Your home is a reflection of your personality, and its design speaks volumes about you. Discerning homeowners have exclusive tastes, choosing everything from unique artefacts to premium furniture pieces that go beyond the ordinary. With Eid approaching, we suggest ways to infuse your home with the perfect Eid ambiance while ensuring it showcases your unique individuality.

For the minimalist: The beauty of less

Minimalism can never go out of style for its aesthetics. The beauty of living in calming and clutter-free spaces appeals to many. Here, the focus is on simplicity inspired by a neutral and monochromatic colour palette that’s mindfully coordinated with textures and patterns. Functional furniture is essential to keep the look classy and visually appealing. Like sofas and seatings in beige or brown leather tune up the space to spell elegance. Also, opt for experimenting with accessories that are easy to change like your rugs and artworks. They help add that festive vibe while keeping the minimal aesthetic. Consider wall arts with a dash of gold and rugs with a splash of colours. Because the furniture is the most essential design element, one should double up its utility by choosing pieces that offer storage. Consider a small monotone coffee table with gold accents, which offers lift up storage.

Redefined luxury

Luxury that screams opulence is passe. True luxury is personal and what allures one may not resonate with another. It is about creating spaces that evoke meaning and joy, reflect life goals, and resonate with one’s aspirations. Owning a marble-top dining set acquires depth when it is chosen to spend quality meal times with families. Or, an exquisite lamp shade that’s meant to light up the festivities truly stays through special moments making it a cherished décor item. When it comes to luxury, prioritise durable and timeless materials like natural stone, solid wood, and premium fabrics. The focus is on expert craftsmanship, and customisation of furniture pieces that stay sophisticated and relevant to your style always.

For the bold and bohemian

The free-spirited design style unleashes colour, texture, and patterns in ways that express eclectic aesthetics. Without any rules, randomly colourful and full of character; bohemian designing styles embrace elements like layered textures, vintage pieces, and natural finishes. Like a modern minimalist sofa adorned by hand woven macramé throws and pillows to adorn the living room. And since bohemian styling is bold, don’t shy away from rich colours and patterns. Upholstery, carpets, and accessories in jewel tones like amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green have space in boho-inspired homes. It’s an instant luxurious feel with daring colours. Also, filling up the spaces with story-telling artefacts reflects the nomadic side of your personality. Be it wall décor or a conversation-starter piece like an accentuated centre table; bohemian styling brings out the chic and glam side.

For the classic taste: traditional elegance

Chandeliers that dazzle, gleaming gold accents, and ornate elements are Art Deco at its finest. As the name suggests, traditional designs do not follow current trends and are therefore timeless. Typically characterised by light ceilings, neutral walls painted in cream or sandstone shades serve as the base for dark and solid wood furniture made from cherry, walnut, or chestnut. Large tapestries and mirrors are a must-have to add a touch of old-school to this décor. For curtains, sofas, and cushions, heavy and velvety fabrics in muted hues of burgundy, brown, and green serve for an overall elegant picture. Plush leather upholstery and polished metallic accents also feel right for this larger-than-life home styling. Traditionally styled homes feel like a continuous celebration of festivities where every day becomes special due to glitz and shine.

For that modern appeal

Modern home designs seek inspiration from the mid-20th century and are known to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. The design idea is rooted in defining forms that have functionality. A neutral colour palette complemented by natural wood tones and splashed with colour for contrast is a key attribute of modern design. Modern artwork, simple seatings, and chrome accents offer a refined ambiance effortlessly. Rugs and fabrics in solid colours align well with modern aesthetics. Geometric patterns and sleek and unornamented surfaces dovetail neatly with the theme of modern décor. Platform beds coupled with recessed lighting can truly elevate the sleep sanctuary for the ones who love a modern oasis that fosters style and comfort.

Decoding personal styling for living spaces is all about knowing what’s trending and honing it to suit your design preferences. This Eid, bask in warmth and comfort by designing homes that truly reflect your personality.


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