Paracetamol use may raise asthma risk in children

HONG KONG- Infants who have been given the common pain reliever paracetamol may have a higher risk of developing asthma and eczema by the time they are 6 or 7, a large study covering children in 31 countries has found.


No such thing as a safe tan: scientists

LONDON -There is no such thing as a safe tan, U.S. and British researchers said on Thursday. They said in their review of published studies that tans and skin cancer both begin with DNA damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light but many people, especially the young, ignore or are unaware of this danger in a quest for a bronzed body.

Common plastics chemical linked to heart problems

ROCKVILLE, Maryland - A major study links a chemical widely used in plastic products, including baby bottles, to health problems in humans like heart disease and diabetes, but U.S. regulators said on Tuesday they still believe it is safe.

Gastric stimulator induces weight loss in diabetics

NEW YORK - Gastric electrical stimulation using the Tantalus system (MetaCure Ltd) can potentially improve glucose control and induce weight loss in obese type 2 diabetic patients who are poorly controlled with oral antidiabetic medication, according to preliminary study results reported at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Rome.

Study helps unlock secrets of how the brain sees

CHICAGO - Scientists who tricked monkeys by swapping images of sailboats for teacups have figured out how the brain learns to recognize objects, a finding that could lead to robots that 'see.'

Study sees long-term benefit of blood-sugar control

Study sees long-term benefit of blood-sugar control

Diabetics who tightly control their blood sugar — even if only for the first decade after they are diagnosed — have lower risks of heart attack, death and other complications 10 or more years later, a large follow-up study has found.