Healing through colours: A beginner's guide to chromotherapy

Every hue and shade helps each of us differently, affecting the mind, body and mood


Purva Grover

Published: Fri 1 Apr 2022, 8:50 PM

I’ve always believed that colours speak louder than words, and not just on the ramp. From sunshine yellow post-its on the work desks to classic LBDs in the wardrobes, both offer a peek into our current state of mind. We’ve all had those days where we’ve dabbed our cheeks with a little extra rouge to get through a tough day or selected a calming blue tie with our suits to set the tone of the meeting. What’s more, we’re often advised to eat fruits and vegetables in five different colours each day. So, it’s no surprise that colours do more than brighten up our days. They heal and soothe, as they provide nourishments of varied kinds.

“Every civilisation from all parts of the world has expressed the emotions, creativity, positions, power and beauty through the use of colour. How can anyone be unaware of the beauty around us and not experience pleasure in the many hues of a variety of colours? Even people who are colour blind or blind experience the vibration of colour,” says Shahida Siddique, founder and president, Altearah Bio, an organic emotive cosmetics brand that deals with chromotherapy (colour therapy) and aromatherapy that engages in multisensory olfactory experiences.

We learn more about colours and their healing powers in a conversation with Shahida, whose woman-led company believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious living and embody this value on both ends of the supply chain. Altearah Bio’s range also includes a box of 14 colour perfumes and roll-on concentrates. “We are creating a box of five colours that are essential for the major effects that we are looking for including energy, oxygen, serenity, circulation, purifying and detoxifying the body,” adds Shahida.

Excerpts from an interview with Shahida Siddique:

What is chromotherapy?

Simply put, chromotherapy is healing through colours. It is considered to be the oldest “cure”. From ancient civilisations until date, humans have made note of how the body is healed or nourished through the vibrations of the rays of the sun, which carry colour. Today, most of us are either aware of the benefits that we feel through colours or have experienced the same.

What are the ‘recommended’ healing colours?

Every colour is healing. Every cell in our body vibrates at different frequencies. Each frequency is dependent on the part of the body where it lives and thrives and on the condition of the person’s health, movement and nutrition. Every colour and shade helps each of us differently. It’s in our particular DNA. Colour affects the mind, body and your mood.

Does chromotherapy react differently with each body?

Yes, of course, it does. Each of us is different with different levels of the health of our mind, body and reactions to life. Prescriptive chromotherapy is not what I recommend. Therapy is derived from Latin and means ‘healing oneself’. So, experiencing the impact of colour and intuitively connecting to self and deriving benefits is important and empowering.

Could you highlight the cosmetic and medical benefits of the therapy?

In Ayurveda, in homeopathy and Chinese medicine, healing through colour is articulated as such. In medicine, vibratory effects are felt wherever sound vibrations or lasers are used, and even in pharmacology. In its purest form, this is colour too but not articulated as that. In cosmetics, when ingredients create a particular vibration that is measurable it is colour therapy. However, this is not the case normally. Colour in packaging is used to differentiate products but measurable vibratory effects are pure colour therapy and our products carry this effect.

What’s the connection between colours and beauty?

Chromotherapy is not used in the cosmetic industry. It is incorporated as light in the room or during treatment. Altearah is probably the first brand that incorporates chromotherapy using aromatherapy and oleotherapy. I consider natural and clean ingredients to be most important because cosmetics are a part of our day to day life and like pure foods; pure air, pure water, pure cosmetics will create wellness and not damage our wellbeing.


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