Get to the root of your hair type

Get to the root of your hair type

Ever been confused by the number of products geared towards your tresses?

By Injeel Firoz Moti,
 Beauty blogger

Published: Fri 22 Jun 2018, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Tue 26 Jun 2018, 10:31 AM

If you've ever walked down a supermarket aisle, and stopped at the toiletry section, chances are you've found your preferred brand of shampoo offering the exact same thing - in five different varieties. The packaging, look and the feel of the bottle will probably be identical except for one word (probably at the bottom of the bottle or on the cap), and the colour. Red or pink is normally for coloured hair, blue for anti-dandruff, red for sensitive hair, yellow for oily hair and so on. Then there is always one neutral-coloured bottle - that no one seems to want to touch anymore - that says 'normal hair'.
It's odd how these days hardly anyone reaches out for that 'normal' bottle because somehow, we've all been made to believe that we do not have normal hair. Even dry shampoos these days come with options for problematic air. We live our lives believing that we have problematic hair or hair that needs extra care, but how do we really know what type of shampoo is really for us?
To start with, let's debunk the myth that no one here has normal hair, and try to get to the root of your hair type. Some common types of hair are fine, curly, dry and oily. If you colour your hair or use any chemical treatments, you'll want to look for shampoo for that type of hair. Many of us also have a combination of types, for example, dry and curly. If you're confused, you can always ask your stylist about your hair type the next time you go for a haircut.
People with fine hair often feel like their hair looks too thin or flat. If you've been feeling jealous of your thick-haired friends, look for volumising shampoos.
Your curls crave more moisture. If you've ever struggled with frizzy hair, don't blame the humidity. It could just mean that your hair has dried out and needs repair. It's time to put down the straightener and embrace your gorgeous waves. Moreover, opt for an ultra-moisturising shampoo. Read the labels on your favourite shampoo bottles and look for ones made for dry hair. These will be hydrating for your hair, keeping your curls light and bouncy.
Just like for wavy-haired people, ultra-hydrating shampoos are going to be your best option. Look for humectant ingredients that inject extra moisture into the hair. They should also contain natural oils and/or lightweight silicones to help the hair quality. Look for shampoos with descriptions like "ultra-hydrating and nourishing," or ones with natural oils in the ingredients list.
Women who tend to have oily hair should stick to shampoos made specifically to control oil. These shampoos are designed to purify and soak up extra oil in the hair and scalp.
If you're rocking a new, gorgeous hue, protect it with the right shampoo, made specifically for colour- or chemically-treated hair. We know your stylist's custom blend of highlights and lowlights cost a small fortune, so don't let that money flow down the shower drain.

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